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STARCLUB spreading its wings!

STARCLUB spreading its wings!

ORS's successful STARCLUB club development tool has recently been adapted and released by the NT Government and DCSI here in SA.

Starclub NT has recently been released by the NT Department of Sport and Recreation (NTDSR) to encourage their clubs along the pathway of continuous improvement. The Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) was pleased to support NTDSR with developing their online program that provides resources and training to their sporting clubs including many in remote and difficult to service areas. Similarly, a bespoke version of STARCLUB has been released by the SA Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) in South Australia. Their STARservice program aims to develop more forward thinking and financially stable community organisations built around quality employees and a strong and vibrant volunteer pool. 

The ORS is pleased to see these organisations sharing the same values and principles as STARCLUB. There are many positive spinoffs for the wider community when we have well managed sports clubs, active recreation groups and now community service organisations committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all.  For more information on either program go to www.starclub.nt.gov.au or www.starservice.sa.gov.au

In South Australia, STARCLUB currently has over 2500 registered users. In turn this is helping the ORS to work more strategically alongside numerous state sporting bodies, regional groups and local governments. For more information or to register your club or organisation in STARCLUB go to www.ors.sa.gov.au

Contact: Damian Leonard

Phone: 8457 1444