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SA athletes fly on the track in record time

SA athletes fly on the track in record time

 South Australia smashes the men's team persuit record at the 2016 Subaru Track National Championships!

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South Australia claimed their seventh straight men's team pursuit title on the opening day of the 2016 Subaru Track National Championships at the Adelaide Super-Drome with Alex Edmondson, Miles Scotson, Alex Porter and Callum Scotson claiming the gold.

It was back to back titles for the quartet who not only took the gold, but broke the National Championship record in a time of 3:56.416!

In the women's team persuit Danielle McKinnirey, Alex Manly, Chloe Moran and Maeve Moroney-Plouffe claimed the first ever women's title for South Australia, collecting gold in 4mins 41.228 secs.

Anna Meares, the most successful woman in the team sprint at the World Championships partnered with Stephanie Morton to claim a fifth straight team sprint title for South Australia beating their South Australian teammates. The pair clocked a time of 33.282secs to beat fellow South Australian’s Breanna Hargrave and Rikki Belder’s time of 35.182secs.

In the men's team sprint former world champion Matthew Glaetzer combined with Pat Constable and Jai Angsuthasawit to bring the title back to South Australia for the first time since 2012.