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SASI Cycling Champions Returns for 2016 Santos Tour Down Under

SASI Cycling Champions Returns for 2016 Santos Tour Down Under

SASI Cycling Champions Talent Identification Initiative to be re-launched at 2016 TDU

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) will be re-launching the Cycling Champions Talent Identification Initiative during the 2016 Tour Down Under. The campaign aims to identify 12 – 15 year olds with powerful legs and good cardiovascular endurance who have the potential to become Australia’s next Cycling Champions. It is open to those currently involved in cycling and those who are not, as many of the riders SASI identify come from non-cycling backgrounds.

Commonwealth Gold medallist Annette Edmondson and Olympic Silver medallist Rohan Dennis, plus many other Australian Olympians, have been identified by SASI through Talent Search campaigns similar to Cycling Champions.

The return of the cycling specific initiative will see interested participants put through their paces during a peak power and aerobic endurance test on a static Wattbike cycling machine. A team of sports scientists at SASI will then analyse the results and determine which athletes to invite to SASI’s dedicated physiology laboratory for further testing.

SASI Cycling Coach Brett Aitken is well aware of the importance of talent identification in producing future Australian world champions saying "The SASI Cycling Talent Search program is one of the most successful sport recruitment programs anywhere in the world with an amazing success rate of producing high class World Champion and Olympic athletes. Recognition and acceptance into this program is a huge honour and provides aspiring athletes with the best possible facilities and coaching to achieve excellence in the sport of cycling".

The testing will take place in the Tour Village in Victoria Square (next to the big Inflatable bike) each day from  17th– 24th January 2016. Just turn up to one of these dates and put your legs to the test.

For further information about Cycling Champions, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can also contact Cycling Champions via (08) 8457 1410 and email.

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Contact: Susan Bassett