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Fitness findings surprise researchers

Fitness findings surprise researchers

Researchers at the SA Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) were surprised by the impact that increased fitness had on heart  rhythm disorders.

Researchers at the SA Health and Medical Research Centre found that fitness, when combined with weight loss, drastically improves and can even eliminate heart rhythm disorders.

The study showed patients that improved their fitness were not only four times more likely to to be free from arterial fibrillation compared to to those that did not increase their fitness, they also improved other cardiovascular risk factors including blood pressure, cholesterol and heart structure.

Study co-author Dr Adrian Elliot said the study highlighted the long term benefits of fitness, weight loss and being healthy. “We were surprised by how much fitness improved the outcomes of these patients over and above the benefit they got from weight loss alone,” he said.

A copy of the SAHMRI press release PDF, 46.43 KB can be found here.