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SASI Talent Search in conjunction with the State Talent Pathway Program is currently conducting a state wide search for tall, strong athletes aged 16 – 25 years as part of the ‘Row4Gold’ campaign. 

James McRae 

(Image courtesy of Mark Gunter)

We are seeking athletes who have never rowed before but are currently competing or have competed in a sport at State or National level and are mentally tough, competitive and motivated.

A series of testing sessions have already taken place measuring each individual’s strength and endurance as well as anthropological attributes.  Following the testing session an opportunity to try rowing with coaches from local Rowing Clubs has proven to be lots of fun for those who have never had a go at rowing and enjoy that first experience of having a paddle on West Lakes.

Those individuals who are identified through the Row4Gold program will be fast tracked into an elite structured rowing program which aims to get those athletes to the Olympic Games.

State Talent Pathway Coordinator, Christine MacLaren said: “There has been a fantastic response for Row4Gold, with lots of quality athletes wanting to find out if going backwards could take them a long way!”

Row4Gold registrations are still OPEN. If you believe you fit the requirements for the Row4Gold program please do register your details here. This is a golden opportunity to be part of an Olympic winning sport, with a team that aims to Row4Gold.

For further information please email row4gold@sa.gov.au or telephone 7424 7738.