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Time to cheer on the winners and the good sports!

Time to cheer on the winners and the good sports!

Mathew Cowdrey

While we cheer on the heroic deeds of the Olympians and Paralympians at London 2012, it is also the perfect time to remind everyone what sport is really all about -- respect, inclusion and good sportsmanship.

Two community service adverts have been launched to spread a strong, positive message of what sport is all about.

The first ad featuring Matt Cowdrey will give you goosebumps. Matt&rsquos a champion Paralympic swimmer, and despite missing half his left arm, he swims 50m freestyle just three seconds slower than the world record for able-bodied athletes.

He's smashed 84 world records and won eight gold medals at Athens and Beijing. Matt knows as well as anyone how important it is to give everyone a fair go - regardless of their age, ability, gender, sexuality, religion or race.

The second ad features legendary Aussie coach Ric Charlesworth. Ric coached the Australian Women's Hockey team to Olympic Gold at Atlanta and Sydney.

He's been the coach of the Australian Men's Hockey team - the Kookaburras - since 2009, and has led them to a string of recent wins, including Commonwealth Gold in 2010.

Ric is one of the most respected coaches in the world who loves to win, but values good sportsmanship above all.

The adverts are part of the Play by the Rules initiative, a national program aimed at ensuring safe, fair and inclusive sport for all Australians - see www.playbytherules.net.au

As we revel in the achievements at London 2012, it is important we also remind everyone that a winner is not always judged on how many medals they win - the best athletes are always the ones who are good sports and who play by the rules.

For more information go to www.playbytherules.net.au