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360 Review strengthens rec and sport leadership

360 Review strengthens rec and sport leadership

360 score

The Office for Recreation and Sport is using a a new tool – the 360° Review Survey – to measure the leadership capabilities and service delivery of funded organisations.

The ORS provides $3.1 million per year to state sport and recreation organisations and industry representative bodies to provide leadership, policies and services for their activity areas. The funds are provided through the Sport and Recreation Sustainability Grant Program (SRSP).

To measure the program’s return on investment, ORS has developed the survey to gather feedback from affiliated members and stakeholders on the delivery of their organisations’ services, policies and leadership.

The survey, which was recently deployed to 75 organisations, provides a consistent, detailed measure of their effectiveness in four core business areas:
  •     leadership
  •     policy
  •     communication and relationships
  •     services and support.
The broad areas of investigation are:
  •     governance
  •     sustainability
  •     participation
  •     high performance.
The survey results - currently being compiled and analysed – will help the organisations improve their services to members and assist ORS in monitoring the performance of the organisations and assessing future grant applications.

A forum hosted by the Minister for Recreation and Sport on Monday 24 June 2013 will provide the industry with the survey reports and information on how to interpret them.

The project is longitudinal in nature, with a regular survey and reporting cycle to be determined in consultation with the industry.

ORS recently nominated the 360° Review Survey for the DPTI Innovation Awards, which recognise excellence in developing solutions to address multi-dimensional issues and challenges.

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