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Riverbank to become great city park

Riverbank to become great city park

Riverbank vision

Years of separate planning and design concepts are being brought together into a new cultural precinct that stretches from Bowden to Gilberton.

As well as providing for better connections between different parts of the park, the Greater Riverbank Implementation Plan is a coherent vision for the four big areas of investment – a revamped Bonython Park, bio-medical precinct, entertainment precinct and the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

The plan will:
  •     define the Riverbank's role in the Government's Vibrant City initiative
  •     describe strategies to maximise usage of the existing cultural precinct on North Terrace, including the University, Art Gallery and Museum
  •     create a framework for design work for the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site
  •     encourage quality investment in the Festival Plaza around the new Pedestrian Footbridge and Convention Centre upgrade
  •     provide opportunities to maximise the benefit of the medical research precinct around the new Royal Adelaide Hospital
  •     initiate debate on the best uses for the old Adelaide Gaol, Police Barracks and the Bonython Park site, through to the billion dollar Bowden project across Park Terrace.
The plan provides a 20-year guideline for investment in the Riverbank. Planned or committed investment already surpasses $4.5 billion, which translates to tens of thousands of jobs, and builds on the investment already made in the redeveloped Adelaide Oval, Footbridge, Adelaide Convention Centre and the upgraded Railway Station.

It brings together former plans such as the work of Ashton Raggatt McDougall and the 5000+ groups.

South Australians will have an opportunity to provide their feedback on the plan during the consultation process, which begins at an open day at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Sunday 30 June. The Greater Riverbank Implementation Plan will be displayed on Sunday.

An announcement about the future of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site will be made soon, with any proposed development on that site guided by the principles set out in the Riverbank plan.


Riverbank consultation