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Planning for rec and sport in Parklands future

Planning for rec and sport in Parklands future

Parklands concept

The Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) has been playing a pivotal role in master planning for the West and South Adelaide Parklands.

ORS provided $40,000 through its Community Recreation and Sport Funding Program to support the Adelaide Parklands Sports Infrastructure Master Plan commissioned by the Adelaide City Council (ACC). The other funding sources are $40,000 from the Adelaide City Council, $20,000 from the University of South Australia and $20,000 from the South Australian Cricket Association.

ORS's focus is on promoting:
  •     Community Sporting Hubs as a strategy to consolidate facilities across the Parklands
  •     the shared use of existing schools facilities, with Adelaide High School and Pulteney Grammar School both within the Master Plan study area.
The aim of the Master Plan is to provide a clear direction for the future planning, development and management of sport and recreation infrastructure in the West and South Parklands.

The Adelaide Parklands Management Strategy identifies the West and South Parklands (the study area) as a series of regional sports areas that require significant development and upgrade. These areas are home to a range of sport, education and recreation groups who regularly use and manage existing fields, buildings and facilities to conduct their activities.

The Master Plan focuses on the following parks:
  •     Narnungga (Park 25)
  •     Tambawodli (Park 24)
  •     Wirranendi (Park 23)
  •     Walyo Yerta (Park 21)
  •     Kurrangga (Park 20)
  •     Pityarrilla (Park 19)
  •     Wita Wirra (Park 18)
  •     Tuttangga (Park 17).
The Plan makes specific recommendations for each park, including:
  •     Updating or replacing existing infrastructure to consolidate and develop a number of shared use facilities
  •     A footbridge connecting the west parklands to the International Sports Gateway across the rail lines to the South Australian Athletics Stadium
  •     A new location for the skate park and a city beach precinct
  •     A soccer hub in the South Parklands
  •     Consolidation of croquet
  •     Other recreational facilities such as a dog park, cycling and parkour facilities.
You can view the Final Draft Master Plan in this document. (It was put out to tender with Inside Edge Sport and Leisure Planning in association with Cox Architects and Walter Brooke winning the consultancy. ORS is represented on the Project Control Group and has been consulted as a stakeholder throughout the process.)