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Sport participation 'health check'

Sport participation 'health check'


The Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) will be carrying out a 'health check' with many State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) in the coming months to determine their current participation pathways.

In terms of sport participation, people enter or exit pathways at various stages of their lives. The ORS aims to help SSOs attract and keep more people in their sport for longer and ensure they are providing pathways that integrate three key outcomes of sport participation:
1. active lifestyle
2. sport participation
3. sport excellence.
The Australian Institute of Sport has developed a framework to enhance our understanding of sporting pathways. FTEM, which stands for Foundations,Talent, Elite and Mastery, is a user friendly framework of sporting development that is representative of a whole of sport pathway continuum.
The ORS will use FTEM to map participation pathways for SSOs participating in the audit. FTEM will:
  •     provide a practical method to assist sporting stakeholders to construct a more effective participation and sport development system
  •     allow for an enhanced understanding of sporting pathways with the aim of helping sports improve the experiences of more people at more levels of the pathway, more often
  •     allow sport organisations to identify and work towards capturing untapped or under-developed markets for their sport with the aim of keeping more people involved as participants.
The audit will include face-to-face meetings and surveys to determine a base level of data around pathway provision within the state across a range of sports.

The goal of this 'check-up' is to better assist sports in building their capacity to deliver pathway opportunities for all South Australians.