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New City Bikes outlet at Adelaide Railway Station

New City Bikes outlet at Adelaide Railway Station

City Bikes

Free City Bikes are now available for hire through the Adelaide Railway Station Info Centre.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is trialling the Free City Bikes, an initiative of the Adelaide City Council and Bike SA, in the railway station in an effort to encourage cycling around the city for short, local trips.

DPTI Deputy Chief Executive Lino Di Lernia said the number of commuters, students, shoppers and travellers coming through the Adelaide Railway Station each day makes it a good spot to grab a bicycle to get to your destination or simply go for a leisurely ride.

"There are many good places to cycle in Adelaide, particularly for tourists," he said. "DPTI is working with many councils to improve and expand the cycling network."

Customer Service Staff at the Info Centre have been trained in how to use and hire out the bicycles and hire is free.

The customer only needs to provide identification such as a passport, proof of age card or valid drivers' licence, and they can have the bike all day. The ID will be returned upon the safe return of the bike to the station by 5.00 pm.

The bikes are located to the far right of the turnstiles as you enter the platform. Simply ask a customer service officer for information on how to hire a bicycle.

More information on Free City Bikes, including the location of other hire outlets, can be found on the Bike SA website.