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Cricket for kids to take off with T20 Blast

Cricket for kids to take off with T20 Blast


Aussies have always loved their cricket, playing with families and friends on streets, backyards, on beaches have long been a summer tradition.

With the sudden resurgence of the Australian National Cricket team under the guidance of Captain Michael Clarke, the past five months has seen the Australians regain the Ashes and defeat the number one test nation South Africa on their own deck.

Enthusiasm for the game of cricket has once again transcended all ages, and the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) hopes to strike while the iron is hot with the MILO T20 Blast School Cup.

Aimed at children between the ages of seven and ten, girls and boys will get the chance to have lots of fun batting, bowling, fielding and keeping wickets, all in under an hour.

Teams consist of either six or eight players, and the schools and community groups participating only need to provide the children themselves as Cricket SA will provide all the equipment and manage all the administration aspects to facilitate the games.

Not only does Cricket SA encourage a healthy lifestyle and environment to play the game of cricket, it wants to reach out and engage as many community stakeholders as possible, including children, teachers, volunteers, and the public.

Cricket SA has purposely developed the MILO T20 competitions to specifically target participants from multicultural and indigenous backgrounds, and females, whether you are a novice or quite handy with a bat and ball.

Multicultural Programs have been designed for both schools and senior competitions. Indigenous Programs invite six to eight teams to compete in a yearly carnival held in Adelaide.

Female Programs for years two to four are also very popular, and encourage girls to play cricket whilst listening to music and encouraging them to dance and cartwheel freely at will.

Another great aspect of Cricket SA's wonderful initiatives is the opportunity to play cricket during the non-traditional winter months, and indoors. Children can now experience the joy of playing cricket all year round.

For further information:
  •     contact the SACA on 8300 3800
  •     visit www.t20blast.com.au
  •     Contact Alice Johnswood, SACA Participation Manager, 0412 454 784 /ajohnswood@saca.com.au.