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Volunteering for the love of sport

Volunteering for the love of sport

Natasha Isaacson

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organisations, not least sporting organisations - the many who take the time out of their lives to give back to a sport, not for money, not for recognition, but for the love of the game they hold so dear to their hearts.

One such volunteer is Natasha Isaacson.

Natasha was named Greyhound Racing South Australia's (GRSA) Volunteer of the Year at their awards ceremony on Saturday 22nd February 2014.

Matt Corby, CEO for GRSA, had this to say about the generosity and commitment Isaacson has shown since 2010. "Natasha Isaacson joined the Gawler GRC Committee in December 2010. Since that time she has been a very active Committee member, both as an innovator and in a practical sense.

"Natasha has assisted the Club generously with her time, despite having a night job, being an owner/trainer and also helping out with the family kennel.  In fact she took the option of the night work so that she could fit her greyhound commitments around it.  Natasha's work isn’t always publicly visible, toiling away in the background behind the scenes, but with fewer volunteers available, she has also "stepped up to the plate" and taken on a more senior organising role within the Club.

"Natasha brings an efficient and proactive approach to her tasks and is universally liked by patrons of the Gawler Club.  In the current circumstances, the Club would struggle to function without the selfless contribution of such volunteers.  Her willingness to assist and general enthusiasm make her a vital asset to the Club."

A modest Isaacson goes about her business with a minimum of fuss. "I donate my time for the simple reason I like to see others enjoy a better day," Isaacson said.

"Volunteers are the lifeblood of many industries but not everyone has the time to volunteer their services. It would be great if there were lots more people putting their hands up but I understand how busy everyone's lives can be."

The transition to volunteer was an easy decision for Isaacson, whose love for dogs was evident at an early age. "My parents train greyhounds and I thought they could use the help. I started out in the canteen and it just snowballed from there," she said.

Dividing her time between volunteer work, part-time study (Trainee Management) and paid employment as a night filler, is just part of Isaacson's can do, get on with it attitude.

One of the greatest gifts you can often give anyone is time, and Natasha Isaacson along with millions of others worldwide does it without a second thought, week in week out.

For more information about volunteering with GRSA please ring (08) 8243 7100.

For more information about volunteering for recreation and sport organisations and activities, please visit V-Star https://www.recsport.sa.gov.au/v-star/video.php.

In the photo above: Natasha Isaacson with Greyhound Racing SA CEO Matt Corby