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Fair Enough: we all deserve respect

Fair Enough: we all deserve respect

Fair enough

The Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) recently launched the "Fair Enough - Everyone in sport deserves respect" campaign, which targets South Australian sport and recreation clubs and encourages them to share the message of unconditional respect with their members.

The aim, said Jane Bartlett Senior Project Officer, Sport Culture and Ethics Industry Support, "is to get everyone to respect each other – whether it be parents respecting their kids, kids respecting their coaches or players respecting officials. The bottomline is that everyone deserves respect."

The campaign also encourages sport and recreation participants, parents and officials to keep the right perspective when taking part in sport, reminding everyone: 'These are kids, this is a game, the coaches volunteer, the umpires are human, this is not the…'. It is a message the ORS hopes will help deter unwarranted behaviours on and off the field of play.

To assist clubs in sharing the importance they place on respect for all, the ORS has produced a resource kit and a USB.

The resource kit includes:
  •     a five-minute ‘Fair Enough’ DVD
  •     discussion notes to help get things started
  •     a ‘Fair Enough’ certificate
  •     online resources handout
  •     a Fair Enough poster for printing.
The USB contains an introduction featuring elite sportspeople Natalie Von Burtouch, Luke Schenschuer and Gary Putland and discusses the ways people fail to show respect in sport and suggestions for improvement. It also contains seven 30-second videos from baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, netball, SANFL and touch footy that organisations can use to enforce the message of respect in fun way.

For additional information on Fair Enough or to obtain materials for your organisation, contact Jane Bartlett from the ORS on 7424 7622.