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Hectorville Club celebrates 50 years and a fantastic future

Hectorville Club celebrates 50 years and a fantastic future

Hectorville's club logo

The Hectorville Sports and Community Club (HSCC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014, and is the perfect example of how to learn from a troubled past and rebuild a bright future and fantastic culture, the envy of sporting clubs Australia wide.

"Throughout the year, each sporting section has been holding various 'Back to Heccies' functions with a whole community Gala Day planned for Sunday 12th October 2014," said Sandy McCulloch, Director Strategy and Marketing.

In 2013 the HSCC was named Australia's Good Sports Club of the Year, recognising the considerable effort and leadership throughout the community the club has done to eradicate alcohol induced problems including intoxication, behavioural and aggressive behavioural issues.

"The National Award is a wonderful achievement; however, we really believe that the Good Sports Program give us the principles to help us to be a better club for the family community," McCulloch said.

The turnaround in culture can be traced back to 2008, when HSCC joined the Good Sports Program.

"Claudio Spina, our Club President, along with the HSCC committees over the last six years in particular, have been responsible for the amazing turnaround this club has achieved. There were a lot of tough decisions to be made early on and not everyone agreed with the changes initially.

"As time went on and people saw the positive effects of the changes come to fruition, more and more members became energized to help support the committee and promote the values the club had employed," McCulloch said.

Supported by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency and Motor Accident Commission, the Good Sports Program provides community clubs with professional support and positive endorsement.

2013 was a huge year for HSCC, apart from Good Sports Club of the Year award, HSCC also achieved STARCLUB status.

The STARCLUB Club development program is operated by the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) and recognises sporting clubs who operate well-run clubs in a safe, welcoming environment, with high quality coaches and officials together with volunteers.

"The Star Club Program is a complete club management program and provides us with the tools and resources we need (especially as volunteers) to have a well-governed club with a safe and welcoming environment."

The HSCC has thrived since working in conjunction with the Good Sports Program and STARCLUB, and plays host to the Hectorville Football, Cricket, Tennis and Netball clubs.