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Secure bike cages + Metrocard make for easier commuting

Secure bike cages + Metrocard make for easier commuting

bike cages

Secure bike cages linked to the Metrocard are being rolled out across Adelaide's most popular train stations.

The cages aim to encourage people to cycle to their nearest train station, secure their bike and then hop on public transport.

The department is initially installing the cages at the Gawler, Munno Para and Elizabeth stations before extending the rollout to O-Bahn interchanges as part of the $17 million carpark and amenity upgrade.

Cyclists wanting to use the cages need to pre-register at the Adelaide Metro InfoCentre by presenting their Metrocard, a photo ID and paying an annual $10 non-refundable fee.

Once a Metrocard is enabled, it is as simple as touching the card to the Metrocard reader to open the door, locking the bike to one of the rails and then shutting the door to secure the cage. Each cage has a storage capacity of about 16 bikes.

The cages will be available at Hallett Cove Beach, Seaford and Seaford Meadows stations later this year on the extended Seaford line. The rollout will continue to other priority locations as funds become available.

The bike cage project is part of the state government's investment in an integrated system that caters for a wide range of choices, including park 'n' ride, cycle 'n' ride or just catching a bus, train or tram.

For more information visit www.adelaidemetro.com.au or call the Adelaide Metro Infoline on 1300 311 108.