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"I want to teach my kids to love water."

"I want to teach my kids to love water."

Peter Gollan

Peter Gollan is the first Indigenous surfer to complete the Level 1 Coaching course with Surfing SA.

The 16-year-old student, whose family hails from the Coorong in South Australia, is one of many Indigenous surfers to partake in the Indigenous surfing program offered by Surfing SA.

For the past five years Surfing SA has been operating surfing clinics for Indigenous surfers.

Gollan accomplished the Level 1 Coaching course over two days, completing all theoretical and practical exercises required.

Gollan loves the water, and the beach is where you will find him when he is not at school.

"Surfing is my favourite pastime, and the sport I get most enjoyment from," Gollan said. "Completing the Level 1 Coaching course was important for my development, not only as a person but as a coach as well.

"I want to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learnt from Surfing SA to more young Indigenous children," he said. "I want to teach children to love the water, and not to be afraid when it comes to swimming and surfing."

Gollan also relishes his role in the Indigenous programs managed by Steve Cornish, Strategic development Manager at Surf Life Saving SA.

The Indigenous Surf Sports Program (ISSP) works with Indigenous communities and especially the Wiltja and South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) school programs.

One of the schools involved includes Gollan's own Christies Beach high school, where he is currently in year 11.

"Determined, respectful and motivated" are the words Trevor Borg, a youth worker at Adelaide Campus Life Youth Guidance Inc, uses to describe Peter.

"At just 16 he knows what he wants out of life. He is super keen in everything he sets his mind to; surfing and lifesaving are two of his passions." Borg said.