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STARCLUB membership on the rise

STARCLUB membership on the rise


In 2010, the ORS initiated STARCLUB – a free club development program designed to assist sport and recreation clubs in providing the best possible environment for their members and communities by encouraging and facilitating continuous improvement and development.

Since its inception, more than 1500 clubs have registered using the STARCLUB online assessment tool, 835 have answered all 25 questions on the checklist and 317 have achieved STARCLUBS 'status' by meeting specified criteria. Nearly 20 per cent of the registered clubs come from the SA Cricket Association (SACA); approximately 240 clubs are registered with STARCLUB and 38 have achieved STARCLUB status.

"This is testimony to SACA's outstanding commitment to club development. They appointed a club development person in 2012, continue to train their staff in club development (as well as game development) and assist their affiliate clubs both on and off the field using the STARCLUB program and other resources to build stronger, more viable community clubs across the state," said Damian Leonard, ORS Senior Project Officer Club Development.

By definition, a STARCLUB is 'a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment'.  A STARCLUB has a successful and financially stable vision for going forward and has a strong membership base with a pool of volunteers willing to share the workload.

South Australia has always had a number of great sport and recreation clubs but now, through STARCLUB, it has hundreds of clubs that have benchmarked themselves against current best practice and feel confident they have a positive message to sell to the wider community.

The Port Noarlunga Football and Sports Club is a great example. In March of 2012, Graham Erlandsen, an ORS Community Presenter, evaluated the club on behalf of STARCLUB and found that it was very well managed, used only accredited and officials and coaches, had excellent volunteer recognition programs and provided very welcoming environment for all.

Graham said, "This is undoubtedly one of the best clubs I have assessed. They have installed excellent documentation, are well connected to their membership and their work within the community is meritorious. They are a magnificent example for the STARCLUB to use as a top quality sporting club."

To become a STARCLUB, clubs are invited to access the website and work through the STARCLUB online assessment tool. This can be done bit by bit and, importantly, more than one club person can contribute to the answers.

"Spreading the workload and knowledge from the outset is a key to making STARCLUB truly beneficial for clubs," said program founder Richard Mellon, Director Industry Support at the ORS.

"STARCLUB is an easy way for clubs to get on top of and stay in the loop regarding club planning, volunteer management, creating a positive culture plus understanding the requisite legal requirements. As volunteer-run clubs, the majority of them will benefit by having this information safely recorded on the STARCLUB site to pass on to the next committee," he added.

Completing the online tool provides access to free resources, training programs and templates designed to overcome any areas of need highlighted in the assessment. Clubs that achieve 15 or more of the STARCUB criteria will be deemed a STARCLUB and awarded a certificate of recognition. A STARCLUB Wall Planner is sent to all clubs that complete the 25 questions to help make their STARCLUB journey more visible in the clubroom.

For more information on becoming a STARCLUB, visit https://www.recsport.sa.gov.au/starclub/index.php.

The photo shows SMOSH West Lakes Football Club – a STARCLUB status club and Recreation and Sport Industry Awards winner.