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Buddy up for the Corporate Cup

Buddy up for the Corporate Cup

Being physically active for more than 150 minutes per week means you are twice as likely to have good mental health compared to someone who isn’t physically active.

Corporate Cup Team

This mental health bonus only multiplies when you are active with a friend!

Not only is exercising with someone else great for your mental health, exercising with a buddy can make the activity or movement more fun and increase your chances of doing that activity again through motivation.

Friends are also great to encourage and cheer you on!

For businesses competing in the Game On Corporate Cup, getting a group of colleagues together to go for a walk or run could be the extra push your team needs to get to the top of the leader board!

Start with suggesting a daily, weekly or fortnightly walk/run date for your office – this could be before or after work or during your lunch break.

Make an appointment in everyone’s calendar and set the time aside to get moving on a regular basis – you’re much more likely to succeed if you help each other along the way to achieve your goals.

While Corporate Cup glory is up for grabs, there are also other benefits which come from working up a sweat with your teammates.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s Active Lives survey told us that South Australians who are a member of a club or organisation associated with physical activity, are more likely to have better overall wellbeing compared to those who are not a member of a group.

In larger organisations, getting colleagues together for activities outside of work is also a great opportunity to meet and get to know people you may not usually work with.

Commit to be fit! It’s time to set those calendar reminders and get moving with your colleagues - Game On!