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The Game On Innovation Series: Active Gamers make better performers

The Game On Innovation Series: Active Gamers make better performers

While physical activity and video games have traditionally not gone hand in hand with one another, Esports are changing the game where the more you move, the more likely you are to succeed!

Joel ‘jAZ’ Andruszkiewicz represents Adelaide United Football Club in the E-League playing the FIFA video game and said starting his day with exercise helps him to be the best FIFA player he can be.

“Being physically active in Esports is a huge advantage, not only for your mental but for your physical health,” jAZ said.

“Body feels good, mind feels good, you’re always competitive, you’re always better.”

Alishiera is a content creator for Legacy Esports who plays video games in front of a live audience usually found on twitch.tv.

She also collaborates with video game developers and appears at live events across the country, bringing gamers’ favourite characters to life as a Cosplayer.

When working in her previous job, Alishiera became critically ill and could longer work in an industry or participate in activities where she was interacting with people.

She initially got into gaming as a social activity and said health and fitness became crucial for her lifestyle as it was a massive part of her recovery.

“I definitely think that when I’m paying attention to my body and actually getting my workouts in and eating better, drinking water, I do perform better,” Alishiera said.

“It’s also a great stress relief…if I feel really tilted, I will often have a break and go and exercise and it really clears my head and kind of recentres me and then I’ll come back and keep going.

“More often than not if I fit in a little work out and break up my games, I do feel like I perform better.”

The stories of these two talented South Australian gaming personalities, highlights the benefits physical activity can have for those looking to compete in Esports or pursuing a career in gaming.

Many professional Esports athletes have workout routines embedded into their training program to improve their health and performance.

So, before you login to climb the ranks, try going for a run or lift some weights at the gym.

A healthy body can help give you a healthy mind, which will lead to better decision making and help you earn more wins!