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SA Sporting Excellence on the World Stage

SA Sporting Excellence on the World Stage

Right now, the world should have been celebrating the incredible displays of athletic ability, determination and dedication demonstrated by the world's best athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Kyle Chalmers

But with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing major global events to a halt, the elite sporting community has no choice but to reset, realign their goals and continue to prepare for the next opportunity to compete against the world's best.

As athletes start counting down again until Tokyo 2021, so too do we as fans.

In the Active Lives survey (2019) conducted by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) the findings show that South Australians believe it’s important to see our athletes succeed on the world stage, as it instills pride in our state.

The survey also highlighted that events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games puts a spotlight on our positive sporting role models who inspire us to get active and display confident attributes in our day to day lives.

Our great state not only has many talented individuals competing in various sports around the world, but also 23 teams playing in national league competitions.

Through the survey we found South Australians agreed our sporting teams should be respected given the important role they play in our communities.

ORSR is proud to provide a platform for sporting excellence through the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) which identifies, develops and supports athletes; empowering them to achieve their sporting dreams and inspire Australians.

The Institute works with sporting partners to conduct world-class intensive coaching and training programs and individual scholarship programs and delivers leading edge scientific and technical support for athletes, coaches and staff.

But to get involved with SA's sporting success you don't have to be an elite athlete, coach or umpire... just make sure you cheer along and show your support as a spectator.

After all, people who have the opportunity to witness an elite sport event are more likely to be motivated to increase their own physical activity - a key outcome of the Game On initiative to get South Australians moving.

For more information and the latest news about our SA sporting superstars, follow SASI on social media.

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