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‘New’ green sets the scene

‘New’ green sets the scene

Synthetic grass is first class!

The lawn bowlers at Christies Beach are a proud bunch – and now have even more reason to blow their own trumpets!

Of late they - the Christies Beach Bowling Club – have completed a shopping list of upgrades to their southern Adelaide headquarters.

Probably the club’s biggest achievement – and certainly one it’s stoked with – has been the refurbishment of its Western Green.

This now sees the club with two quality synthetic greens – proof, it says, of its commitment to providing quality facilities for members, visiting clubs, and the broader community.

But that’s not all!

While it was at it, the club also installed a 200-square-metre deck, and upgraded its bar area.

It’s no surprise the club is feeling pretty happy with things:

“All of these initiatives will provide an attraction for new bowlers to join the club, current members to be retained and enjoy the quality facilities, and give the club greater scope for events on and off the green.”

The club hasn’t had long to wait for its prediction to be proved right: since the end of last season, 15 new members have joined (a 15% increase on the previous membership base).

Of course, more members also mean more revenue – and, no doubt, more plans for upgrades and improvements!

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing paid for half of the $140,000 rejuvenation and refurbishment project.

For more pics from the bowling club’s ‘brag book’, see https://www.facebook.com/christiesbeachbowlingclub/

Christies Beach Bowling Club - New Western Green

Christies Beach Bowling Club - Social_Bowls_on_New_Green

Christies Beach Bowling Club - Western Green Openning Spectators