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New loos is good news!

New loos is good news!

Bordertown reno gives old stadium facilities the heave-ho

The wait is over for Bordertown’s female basketballers: finally, the town’s basketball stadium has toilets and changerooms specifically designed to meet the needs of women and girls.

Goodbye communal showers, hello private cubicles… hello private loos!!

Recognising the old amenities were unsuitable and out-of-date, the Bordertown and District Basketball Association approached the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing with its plan for not just a refresh but a complete rebuild.

We at ORSR liked what we heard!

In due course the Basketball Association was awarded a grant of $380,000 for the project (total cost, $419,000) – and the work began.

First up, the demolition – and a bit of inconvenience. But, as the Basketball Association says, the community was behind it every step of the way:

“Over the duration of the new build, we still managed to run our winter basketball competition by utilising portable toilets each week.

“While not ideal, all members were fantastic and understood it was a bit of short-term pain for

a long-term gain.”

And that ‘pain’ has been worth it. The association says in a small community where sport is an important bond, the project has been extremely well received (and well utilised!).

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