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Welcome – to the home of the dome!

Welcome – to the home of the dome!

Adelaide bowls club takes centre stage with new rink

An inner-Adelaide lawn bowls club is poised for national and international attention, courtesy of its brand-new, state-of-the-art bowling hub.

The $3.6m facility, at the Torrensville Bowling Club in Mile End, features twelve new greens, all housed under a giant, perfectly lit, all-weather dome.

Club officials say up to 96 people can play on the new rink at any one time, making it perfect for large tournaments.

And, they add, its inner-city location strengthens its case for top-flight action:

“Five minutes from the airport, and the CBD, the location is ideally situated for international and interstate tournaments.”

Ambitions for the centre don’t stop there however: extensive renovations to the clubrooms were part of the project, so the hub is now also being pitched as an events drawcard.

Business conferences… sporting celebrations… even engagement parties and weddings are on the events agenda.

(A ‘green’-themed wedding, anyone? Or maybe some nuptial Night Owls?? If you’re keen – or want to know more about any aspect of the new development – just visit https://torrensvillebc.com.au/)

*The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing played a big part in making the Torrensville project a reality, contributing $450,000. (The other major funding bodies included the Federal Government and the City of West Torrens.)

Torrensville Bowling Club