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Things get grand in the Riverland

Things get grand in the Riverland

New footy facility a lift for Loxton

After years of putting up with changerooms variously described as ‘very old’ and ‘archaic’ (plus other terms we won’t repeat), the Loxton North Football Club at last has a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose sports facility.

That means not just toilets and showers, but a modern changeroom as well, plus a small gym and large open areas suitable for recovery sessions.

What’s more, the new facility is female-friendly:  there are private showers in individual cubicles (with doors!), and individual toilets (also with doors!!).

The club says the increased space, cleanliness and greater privacy all make for a much more inviting facility, especially for women.

Spokesperson Michelle Hill says the facility has made a big difference: not only the seven Loxton North footy teams are using it, but also the club’s 14 netball teams, and local yoga practitioners. Quite simply it’s the culmination of a dream:

“Sporting Hubs provide the backbone to country communities and Loxton North will continue to move forward as a successful sporting community as a result of the new facility,” said Ms Hill.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing contributed $129,000 to the project through the 2017-18 Round of the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

The club says the ORSR grant was also crucial in kickstarting its fundraising efforts – the LNFC’s hardworking members raised another $260,000 to complete the project (and put in countless hours of unpaid labour)!

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