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Trouble-plagued tennis courts get long-overdue revamp

A tennis court where you can hardly see the line markings (let alone argue which side of the line a ball has landed)? As John McEnroe would have said (if he’d been passing through the Barossa Valley): “You can’t be serious!!”

Yet that was the situation facing the Marananga Tennis Club…

For years tennis players in the tiny Barossa town (a stone’s throw from Tanunda and Nuriootpa) had made do with well-loved but increasingly substandard courts: not only were their lines hard to see, but in the wet the courts’ surfaces were dangerously slippery.

Definitely not an enticement for people wanting to join in!

Now however it’s a different story: the Marananga club boasts freshly resurfaced and repainted courts (including lines you can see), plus new posts and nets.

The project cost $25,000 (paid for by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, through Round 43 of the Active Club Program).

Not surprisingly, the upgrade has improved the standard of play, including making it safer, and attracted plenty of new members.

As the club says:

“The Marananga Tennis Cub is a self-run club and we are very proud in what we have achieved. Our tennis courts look fabulous now.”

Or – as we’d put it – not just fabulous, but definitely… “Ace!!!”

Marananga Tennis Club