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Longer… stronger… the bowling just gets better at Myponga!

Longer… stronger… the bowling just gets better at Myponga!

New surface means more games, longer season

To some it might seem to be just a new playing surface… but to plenty of others, it’s a whole host of new opportunities.

At the Myponga Bowling Club, not far south of Adelaide, a new $280,000 synthetic green has gone a long way to taking weather out of the playing equation.

In the past, the old natural lawn surface was heavily dependent on adequate rainfall: too much, or too little, and things went awry. Equally, too much rain on game days meant play had to be transferred to other venues.

The new synthetic surface, however, is always fit for play. And so… year-round bowls has finally arrived at Myponga!

It’s great news for the club and its players – including the many new players queueing up to join.

Just to give you an idea:

  • The local primary school has now included lawn bowls in its Outdoor Education program
  • Additional events are being scheduled throughout the year
  • Bowls SA has nominated Myponga as a venue suitable for State-level competition.

To cater for the influx of new players, the club has also improved its general facilities. (And by the way, existing players are also now tipped to extend their playing days – another reason it’s just as well the club is thinking ahead!)

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing contributed $180,000 to the project.

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