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The Team

Our mission:

Deliver better places to participate and perform through engaging with the recreation and sport industry and government to identify and understand facility needs and facilitating the best response.

Our approach:

Professional – we act with the highest level of integrity and seek to be leaders in our field

Strategic – we seek the solutions that will provide for the long term

Collaborative – we listen to and work with others to deliver mutual goals

Innovative – we understand trends and issues that affect our industry and develop unique responses to address them

How we deliver:

Provide support and leadership to priority sport and recreation planning projects being developed by State Government, recreation and sport organisations and local government to identify strategically located infrastructure to meet demand now and into the future

Influence land use planning to ensure sufficient land and services are provided for the community's sport and active recreation needs

Lead the development of master plans for the Minister for Recreation and Sport's facilities

Identify gaps in provision for State level facilities and community sports hubs and prioritise them

Identify and respond to critical issues and trends that affect participation opportunities in sport and active recreation and develop policy/planning responses

What we provide:

  • planning advice and support, at varying levels, to local government and recreation and sport organisations
  • project management for current and proposed facilities (under the care and control of the Minister for Recreation and Sport).

Types of planning projects delivered:

State sport and recreation organisation strategic facility planning

Help organisations to plan for high-quality, well-planned and sustainable facilities that meet the needs of sports communities, event and high performance.

State level planning

This occurs when an issue impacts on South Australia as a whole and requires a response at the State Government level.

Regional level planning

Regional planning, a strategic planning process for a large geographic area, involves the office working with local government and other stakeholders. The focus is to encourage councils within the region to work together when providing facilities and services to meet identified community needs. It limits duplication and increases coordination of efforts.