After distributing $2.3 million in funding in the first round of the Partnerships Program in 2021, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) will open the second round of the Program in 2022.

The Partnerships Program supports projects that align with opportunities within the South Australian Government’s Game On: Getting South Australia moving initiative, to ensure physical activity and play can fit seamlessly into the daily lives of South Australians.

The Partnerships Program utilises a collaborative partnered approach, encouraging organisations across the South Australian community to combine and develop innovative programs that enables South Australians to lead a more active lifestyle through sport, recreation, movement and play initiatives.

This grant program will create opportunities for collaboration between sport and recreation stakeholders, government and non-government bodies, the commercial and not-for-profit sectors to facilitate a more active state.

The Partnerships Program encourages innovation, the use of research and technology, and supports the adaption and evolution of sport and recreation programs, services and approaches, placing additional focus on active recreation that provides everyone with an opportunity to be physically active and move.

To assist with project ideas, prior to the formal grants process opening, a registration of interest portal is now open to collect information from organisations wishing to discuss possible projects and initiatives with the ORSR team and other potential stakeholders. If you or your organisation believe you have a project that will address any of the following Game On opportunities, we encourage you to register your interest.

  • Lifelong physical activity – making it a key priority, easy and non-negotiable social norm to be physically active and move every day.
  • Growth in active transport – improving accessibility, connectivity or safety of active transport such as walking and cycling.
  • Active young people – young people are physically active and physical literacy is valued, accessible and supported.
  • Affordable sport and recreation opportunities – anyone, anywhere can access affordable activities across all lifestyles and pathways to be physically active.
  • Sustainable sport and recreation sector – collaborative and strategic initiatives that address systemic issues relating to the cost of delivering activities.
  • More and better trained volunteers – volunteers are supported and have the appropriate skills which meet the needs of the community to encourage physical activity and movement.

Registration of interest portal