We created the Game On video series to show the meaningful impact that physical activity has on people's lives and give you the motivation you need to get moving!

Women's Recreational Running Network

The Women’s Recreational Running Network was created as an easy and free way for Adelaide women to de-stress and get more active, more often!

Active gamers make better performers

Physical activity can boost your performance, whether you need it online or offline. If you're an aspiring esports pro player, commentator, content creator or cosplayer remember to take a break, get active and level up!

Keep your gloves up

Riverland Boxing and Fitness have created a life changing outlet for youth at risk by providing a safe space to express feelings and establish lifelong healthy habits.

Stay in the game

ACH Group developed a Stay in the Game Challenge to introduce video gaming to South Australians aged over 65 years, promoting physical activity and social connections.