What is Game On?

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Game On SA! It’s time to reap the benefits of physical activity. Game On is a State Government initiative to get South Australia moving. To change the inactivity levels, State and Local Government, the sport and recreation sector, clubs and community groups all have an important role to play.

Current state of play

South Australians are not active enough. The following figures show the percentage of South Australians that meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines.

26% of children 0 to 12 years old are active for 60 minutes per day

14% of youth 13 to 17 years old are active for 60 minutes per day

66% of adults 18+ years old are active for 150 minutes per week

Priority outcomes

Following a statewide consultation, the Game On expert panel was tasked with prioritising eight issues and providing a corresponding outcome for each issue. All outcomes seek to engage both inactive and active South Australians in more physical activity.

Lifestyle, environment and cultural related outcomes

Sport and recreation specific outcomes

Game On is a long-term agenda that will require collaboration, partnerships and coordination across government and the sector. To achieve the vision of Game On, it will be necessary for all stakeholders to engage with and understand the issues.

The role of the State Government

Game On will be activated across the Government of South Australia by maximising departmental synergies in alignment with the plan’s recommendations. It is important to note that there are a number of organisations, businesses and groups that also have responsibilities in the listed areas highlighted in the full Game On report. Partnerships between the government and non-government sector will ensure the Game On outcomes are met.

The role of Local Government

  • Align investment and resources and leverage local expertise to contribute to the vision and recommendations of Game On.
  • Convene stakeholder groups to engage with, interpret, prioritise and respond to the eight Game On issues and outcomes in the respective regions.
  • Lead recommendations in each region which improve public open space and sport and recreation systems and programs that support active lives.
  • Identify areas of growth and change that support the Game On recommendations.

The role of industry representative bodies, sport and recreation organisations and clubs

  • Use the eight Game On issues and outcomes to guide strategic direction and business planning for the sector.
  • Advocate for taking collective action in relation to the eight issues by influencing government policies, action and investment.
  • Lead meaningful and genuine engagement to ensure every administrator, coach, official, volunteer, participant and parent involved in community activities can progress the vision of Game On.
  • Actively champion the recommendations.

To achieve the Game On project objectives, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing actively sought community input to inform the Game On: Getting South Australia moving initiative, along with the the South Australian Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan and the Grants Review.

Phase One

This consultation discussion paper was presented to all participants and the process sought to gather input regarding how South Australia can be an Active State by:

  • Identifying key challenges and issues for participants in and providers of sport and recreation.
  • Understanding how these issues impact on participation, sustainability and professionalism of the sector.
  • Understanding the goals of the stakeholders and exploring the barriers and drivers related to the achievement of those goals.

34 statewide consultation workshops were held throughout South Australia over a 10 week period. We received 25 written submissions, 412 Facebook posts and 150 online feedback forms. We also received feedback from 54 of the 68 Councils, 56 state sporting and recreations organisations, industry bodies and support organisations and 229 community clubs and groups.

It was clear throughout the Phase One consultation that:

  • There is a need and desire for people to be more active, more of the time. In particular, people wanted more opportunities in be active in their daily lives and in their local communities.
  • South Australians are passionate about their clubs and groups and committed to being able to provide participation opportunities for all ages, abilities, genders, cultural backgrounds and financial means.
  • The Sport and Recreation sector is dedicated to delivering quality outcomes and all value the vital contribution sport and recreation makes to South Australia.
  • There is a real desire for the sport, recreation and racing sector to work better together and improve the delivery of infrastructure, sports, programs and activities that ensure our community is active in the future.

Statewide consultation final report

Statewide consultation overview

Phase Two

ORSR engaged KPMG to:

  • Understand the findings from Phase One.
  • Work with the Game On Expert Panel to identify the issues.
  • Facilitate further in-depth consultation.
  • Document the findings.
  • Provide key recommendations for ORSR to consider for the Game On implementation.

Phase Two was broken up into four streams of consultation:

  1. Interjurisdictional consultations held with eight state and territory departments of sport and recreation, national departments and other agencies which play a key role in getting people active.
  2. Interdepartmental consultations with senior representatives from SA Government Agencies to understand the role each Agency has in contributing to an Active State.
  3. Deep dive workshops with 107 targeted representatives from a diversity of stakeholder groups to understand what the sector’s vision and solutions are to addressing the eight Game On issues.
  4. Online engagement with the broader public through the SA Government's YourSAy website, featuring two discussion questions and a survey.

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