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Vacswim SA Program

Currently Closed

Round closed:
26 August 2020

Expected notification:
September 2020

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Now Open

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27 July 2020

Close date:
26 August 2020 12pm midday

Expected notification:
September 2020

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VACSWIM is a program that provides primary school aged children (aged 5 to 13 years old at the time of the program) with opportunities to develop a range of skills and positive experiences in the areas of water safety, confidence and competence in the water, personal survival activities and basic aquatic emergency procedures.

VACSWIM is conducted by qualified instructors in a controlled environment located at school pools, public and private pools, beaches and lakes throughout South Australia.

ORSR will fund the delivery of VACSWIM through the annual VACSWIM funding program to approved organisations across South Australia.

Key Dates

Program Opens - 27 July 2020

Applications Close - 26 August 2020

Applicants Notified - September 2020

VACSWIM 2020-2021 classes should:

  • Primarily operate over the 7-day period (excluding the weekend) between Monday, 4 January and Tuesday, 12 January 2021.
  • December programs to be run from Monday 14 December 2020 to Friday 17 February 2021.
  • Alternative periods may be applied for, should it meet the needs of the specified location.


Eligible organisations can apply for funding to conduct the VACSWIM program at a location.

Organisations operating VACSWIM programs at five or more locations may be eligible for additional administration funding, with special reference to ensure VACSWIM programs at regional and remote locations.

5 to 10 locations                      $5,000

10 to 20 locations                    $10,000

20 to 40 locations                    $25,000

More than 40 locations            $40,000

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for VACSWIM SA Program funding, organisations must:

  • Be a not-for-profit sport club, association or sports facility manager incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 (SA); or
  • Be a Local Council; or
  • Be a Registered Business; or
  • Be a School Council/Board of Management; or
  • Have comparable legal status.

Eligible Projects and Amounts

All applicants must use the following:

  • Applicants should demonstrate how their project will achieve program objectives. Operators must deliver VACSWIM using a water safety program that meets or exceeds the National Water Safety Education Competency Framework, Level II, Primary School (http://watersafety.com.au/AustralianWaterSafetyStrategy/2016-2020Strategy.aspx)
  • Negotiate the use of one of the following pre approved water safety programs:
     The Royal Life Saving Society Australia Swim and Survive Program (Level 1 to 7), or
     Young Men’s Christian Association of South Australia School aged (5-12 years) program, or
     Surf Life Saving Association Surf and Survive Program (Level 1 to 7) are the recommended programs to deliver VACSWIM, or
     Operators proposing other programs must demonstrate how that program complies with the National Water Safety Education Competency Framework, Level II, and Primary School.
  • Participants must be provided with a minimum of 315 minutes instruction time for a 7-day program (e.g. daily classes of 45 minutes on each day) or equivalent.

If you have not applied for VACSWIM funding before please call the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing on 1300 714 990 prior to applying.

Assessment Principles

Where an application is deemed eligible, the Funding Assessment Committee will prioritise it against the following principles:

  • The organisations previous VACSWIM history.
  • The anticipated participants, staffing and delivery costs for each location.

Assessment Process

STEP 1 – Application Screening

Once the program has closed, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing screens applications to check that:

  • the applicant organisation is eligible to apply
  • the application has been completed in full, and all essential information has been provided.

If an application fails to pass eligibility screening the applicant will be contacted via email, using the details provided in the application. The online application form will be reopened for the applicant to update and resubmit.
If an application is not resubmitted before the date that is requested by ORSR or the Funding Assessment Committee, ORSR will utilises the latest submitted version for eligibility screening and assessment.

STEP 2 – Assessment against principles

The Funding Assessment Committee assess all applications.

Where an application is deemed eligible, the Funding Assessment Committee will assess each application against the relative merit of other locations in meeting the assessment principles.

The Funding Assessment Committee may request additional information during the Committee’s sitting period. Applicants should be aware that additional information may be requested.

Please note, satisfying the assessment criteria alone does not guarantee the receipt of funding.

STEP 3 - Recommendations

Once assessment is completed, funding recommendations are forwarded to the Chief Executive, Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing for consideration. Please be aware that the recommended funding amount may be lower than the original request amount.

All organisations will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application.

Program Guidelines

Previous Approvals

Variations to your Grant

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant. Grantees can seek to amend the terms or conditions, or seek additional time, amend the purpose or outcome of the grant.

If you require an amendment, please contact us with the application number and we will forward an Agreement Variation Request through SmartyGrants, which will ask what you would like varied and why you need it varied, for that specific grant.

Your Agreement Variation Request will be considered, and you will be notified of the outcome of your request.

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