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Grants Review


The Government of South Australia and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing recognises and values the important role that a strong and independent industry plays in creating active communities and improving the lives of South Australians.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing administers a number of grants and grant programs to sport and active recreation organisations, councils, educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, and individuals (e.g. athletes).

An extensive review of these grants has previously occurred once every eight to ten years. The last review of the grant programs commenced in 2010 and concluded in December 2011. These reviews are conducted to ensure South Australians are receiving efficient, effective, economical and ethical funding decisions designed to achieve value, accountability, probity and transparency. This Review will deliberately be forward looking and will consider the future needs of the industry and the priorities of Government.

This Review will provide the Government of South Australia with a series of recommendations about the grant funding provided to the Sport and Active Recreation Sector.


This review will:

  • Explore the priorities of Government and the Sport and Active Recreation Sector.
  • Recommend the suite of grant programs to be implements, aligning Government and Sector priorities, including each program's purpose, term, frequency, budget, objectives (short, medium and long term), and details of how those objectives will be measured.
  • Recommend any State principles or positions to enhance the relationship between Local, State and Federal grant funding within the sectors.
  • Recommend any amendments to existing legislation that provide source funding for grant programs, if required.
  • Recommend any administrative processes to enhance the efficient, effective, economical and ethical funding decisions designed to achieve value, accountability, probity and transparency.


The review formally commenced in April 2019. Statewide consultation commenced in June with the final report presented 26 Sepetmber 2019.

Two teams were established to provide recommendations to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing The Directions and Framework Teams comprise of internal and external members of the community including (South Australian Sports Federation, Recreation South Australia, Inclusive Sport SA, Local Government Association, and representatives from the Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department for the Premier and Cabinet)

The review will be finalised by the end of 2019.

The implementation of recommendations will commence in the 2020-2021 financial year, whilst honouring any existing multi-year commitments.

Statewide Consultation

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing actively sought community input to inform the Game On, Getting South Australia Active; the South Australian Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan; and the Grants Review.

The below Consultation Discussion Paper was presented to all participants.

34 Statewide consultation workshops were held throughout South Australia over a 10 week period. 25 written submissions, 412 facebook posts, 150 online feedback forms. Feedback received from 54 of the 68 Councils, 56 state sporting and recreations organisations, industry bodies and support organisations and 229 community clubs and groups.

Below is the final and the executive summary for the Grants Review.

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