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Partnerships Program - Registration of Interest

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is excited to announce the opening of the Registration of Interest process for the new Partnerships Program set to be announced in early 2021.

The Partnerships Program will look to respond to the priorities highlighted within Game On: Getting South Australia moving initiative. This grant program will create opportunities for collaboration between sport and recreation stakeholders, government and non-government bodies, and the for-profit and not-for-profit sector to enable to build a more active State.

The Partnerships Program encourages innovation, the use of research and technology, and supports the adaption and evolution of sport and recreation programs, services and approaches, placing additional focus on active recreation that provides everyone with an opportunity to be physically active and move.

Prior to a formal grant application process opening in early 2021, a Registration of Interest is now open to collect information on possible projects or initiatives that support Game On. If the applicant allows, these project details will be viewable on this page to support new partnerships to strengthen potential applications.

If you or your organisation believe you have a project that will address any of the following Game On opportunities, we encourage you to register your interest - Registration of Interest

  • Lifelong physical activity – Making it a key priority, easy and non-negotiable social norm to be physically active and move every day.
  • Growth in active transport – Improving accessibility, connectivity or safety of active transport such as walking and cycling.
  • Active young people – Young people are physically active and physical literacy is valued, accessible and supported.
  • Affordable sport and recreation opportunities – Anyone, anywhere can access affordable activities across all lifestyles and pathways to be physically active.
  • Sustainable sport and recreation sector – Collaborative and strategic initiatives that address systemic issues relating to the cost of delivering activities.
  • More and better trained volunteers – Volunteers are supported and have the appropriate skills which meet the needs of the community to encourage physical activity and movement.

Examples of eligible Game On projects could include;

  • A group of local government councils coming together to provide a series of new programs which support older adults to maintain physical fitness.
  • Several small state sport or recreation organisations partner with a professional services provider to develop shared administration systems that are sustainable and improve efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • An indoor sport or recreation organisation partners with a disability provider to develop a program offering regular opportunities for a variety of activities for people with a disability.
  • A regional council partners with the high school governing council, local recreation centre and local business to develop an after-school program for youth with rewards and incentives for physical activity.
  • A for-profit technology company partners with two aged-care organisations to deliver movement gaming experiences for clients to increase their levels of physical activity.

The database of projects can be viewed below or downloaded via the button below.

Download database of projects

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Funding Services on 1300 714 990 or via email on ORSR.Grants@sa.gov.au.

Organisation Legal NameProject TitleBrief Project DescriptionProject PartnersContact NamePrimary Email
Above and Beyond Women's Soccer AcademyAbove and Beyond Women's Soccer AcademyI run an academy for junior and senior girls to teach and develop them with soccer skills and techniques.

I also focus on helping them become better people off the pitch by teaching life skills including proper nutrition, sleep cycles, mental training techniques and being able to self assess and manage injuries.
 Mr Leigh Matthewsleighmatt00@hotmail.com
Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club IncTrain to save livesThe Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club prides itself on having highly trained life savers who have the most up to date training aids. Currently we have 45 new members listed to rain for their bronze award to enable them to patrol our beach. However, to train to the highest level we seek an airway manikin and defibrillation trainers. We also require soft training mals, an adjustable single ski and carbon paddles. These are necessary to allow training by our younger members who are not able to access the senior equipment comfortably and safely. Ms Lorraine Rosenbergrosenberglorraine@gmail.com
Blackwood Community Recreation Association Inc."No Falls" Pilot ProjectThe objective of the program is for older adults (55yrs+) to maintain a functional and independent life free from the concern of a life changing fall. ‍
The 10 week program involves an initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist followed by a weekly hands on exercise class with a qualified fitness leader. At the conclusion of the 10 weeks each participant's progress will be reviewed and they will be encouraged to join a suitable on going program (eg Strength For Life) or to repeat the "No Falls" program if more appropriate.

Additional support will be provided by way of in home exercises to consolidate the work done in class as well as providing educational material and information about other community support services that may be available to them.

Participants will be able to join the pilot project for free, with the grant funding covering the cost of the Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Leader, equipment and marketing for the initial 10 week pilot. On-going charges for this program will be commensurate with similar programs to maintain affordability.
City of Mitcham Potential, conversation has begun

James Brown Trust Potential, conversation has not begun

Resthaven Potential, conversation has not begun

Moving to Health Potential, conversation has begun

Flinders Hospital Potential, conversation has not begun

Local GPs Potential, conversation has not begun

Strength for Life Potential, conversation has not begun
Ms Margaret Cuthbertsonmargaret@blackwoodrec.com.au
Burnside Hockey ClubAthlete Wellness, Mental Health and BalanceWe are looking to proactively engage our senior players with programs that go beyond fitness and skills and into their mental health & holistic wellness and balancing sport and other aspects of their life. We will engage outside resources to work with and develop programs to give our players, coaches and admin the tools they need to promote positive mental health and wellness in themselves and each other.Jane Altschwager Potential, conversation has begun

SheThrives in Sport - Amber Halliday Potential, conversation has begun
Mr Tom Christiansenpresident@burnsidehockeyclub.com.au
Ferrari Pit Stop AdelaideExcel Motorsport racingThis project will be aimed at up and coming engineers that are looking to improve and grow their experience in mechanical engineering in Motorsport.

The Excel Racing National Class is a CAMS Motorsport Australia sanctioned class which is a grass roots category aimed at the up and coming youth and self funded enthusiasts.

Our proposal is to develop a team from the ground up and recruit a team with a wide range of skills that can be United under one umbrella for a common goal of pushing limits of engineering and race craft.
Vincent Bunn Potential, conversation has begunMr Adamo Vellaadelaide@scuderiaferrari.club
Goodwood Saints Football ClubDeveloping our coachesIt has been long recognised that the focus of the Goodwood Saints Football Club regarding junior football is not about winning premierships but about player retention, skill development and enjoyment. We pride ourselves in not cutting players and believe our aim is to develop our players both in skills and as good citizens.

To achieve these aims we have partnered with the Nathan Bassett Football Academy (NBFA) and the Growing With Gratitude Sports (GWGS) program.  The NBFA provides face to face training sessions for our junior coaches on small-sided games, training drills to improve players skills and improving communication methods.

Our aim is to develop our coaches so they can conduct engaging, informative and enjoyable training sessions.

The GWGS program builds and protects young athlete’s mental health. The program does this by teaching skills through sport based on gratitude, kindness, empathy, mindfulness and serving others, resulting in greater resilience and happiness. They help to do this during training sessions and matches. Furthermore, the program is teaching athletes the skills to overcome adversity and challenges, as well as teaching them to be good citizens. This program is involved in all junior sides from U7 to U16

This Partnership Program will enable us to provide the coaching expertise required and to make it a one club experience that will develop coaches as they progress through the grades.

Hamish Hartlett from Port Adelaide FC has been included this year to work not only with our junior coaches but also with our senior coaches including our U17.5 boys and girls coaches as well as our Inclusive team coach.
Nathan Bassett Football Academy Confirmed
Growing with Gratitude Sports Confirmed
City of Unley Potential, conversation has begun SANFL Potential, conversation has begun
Mr Craig ScottPresident@goodwoodsaints.com.au
Jupiter Creek Pony Club IncAcquiring our own show jumping equipmentWe currently borrow all of our showjumping equipment from the owner of the property we use.

It would be fantastic to have our own.

We are a pony club with 35 riding members and a part of PCASA Southern Zone Inc.

We run lessons & training as well as competitions for riders of all ages.

Many of our riders are members of the State teams which next year, 2021, will represent SA at PCA Nationals in Victoria. To have our own jumps would be a great asset too.
TRSA Confirmed
PCASA SZ Confirmed
Mrs Deborah Cooktdcookptyltd@bigpond.com
Orienteering SAPermanent Orienteering CoursesEstablishment of Permanent Orienteering Courses.

Map can be downloaded from Orienteering SA .

Markers are permanently in place.

People can go as families or individuals to follow the map and find their way around the course.

Requires a map and course to be set.

We are looking for partners  (Councils, schools or private owners of large properties, scout groups) to offer their land area, give permission for access and help to promote to the local community.

We can provide mapping skills and know-how.

We would particularly be interested in locales in western . southern or far north/ northeast areas of Adelaide suburbs as these are the primary gaps at present

This project offers to opportunity for the public to access orienteering courses close to where they area and makes then available when it suits them, as well as bringing them into parks and other areas they may not have previously considered as areas for recreation.
 Mrs Erica Dimentsecretary@sa.orienteering.asn.au
Orienteering SAPhone Orienteering using MaprunFUse MaprunF on your phone to orienteer around a preset course.

Your phone will beep when you reach the checkpoint and you then proceed on to the next checkpoint. Map is on your phone and can also be downloaded and printed on paper before you leave home.

This give the ability to orienteer in your own time , at your own pace on ever changing courses.

Courses are set up with no physical markers installed.

Fantastic for families and for individuals
‍Can be set up in any park, school, or bush area.

Orienteering SA are already offering some of these courses, which have been very successful but are keen to offer them across the metro area and in country area.  

The cost is in mapping the area used and in setting the courses and uploading.

WE are keen to partner with councils, schools, universities, scout groups or private landowners
 Mrs Erica Dimentsecretary@sa.orienteering.asn.au
PCASA Southern Zone IncTo complete our Water JumpIn 2015 we started a major project which to this date is unfinished.

we need extra funding to make our water jump hold water.

This would allow us to have a water jump as part of a competition & on training days, where horses & riders are able to hone their skills
TRSA Confirmed
OCASA SZ Confirmed
Mrs Deborah Cooktdcookptyltd@bigpond.com
Port Broughton Golf Club INCCourse MaintainencePort Broughton Golf Club  Incorporated

Port Broughton Golf Club is a community club . The Golf Course is used by overseas tourist, visitors to port Broughton from other states , as well as local visitors, Student groups, veteran clubs and its own club members.

While The Land and premises are owned by the Barrunga West Council all maintenance and upkeep of the 18 hole golf course is done by volunteers

Every year large portions of the 18 hole course have to be reseeded, to do this we have been hiring a seeding machine from local farmers, this practice has become increasingly difficult as it is also a busy time for farmers and equipment is not available.

We would like to purchase our own seeding machine so that the course can maintain the reputation that not only we are proud of .but is an asset to the whole of the Yorke Peninsular.
 Mr Steven Pattingalesteven.pattingale@bigpond.com
Reclink AustraliaYouth Futures ProjectThe goal of the project is to engage young people who are disadvantaged into a diverse range of active sport and recreational activities. Currently Reclink has collaborative partnerships with youth welfare agencies low income schools FLO programs and Correctional Services.

The outcomes for the project are to build the physical and mental health and well being of marginalised young people in order to facilitate their access to future education training volunteering and employment.
Headspace Confirmed

HYPA Confirmed
Victor Harbor FLO Confirmed

Bowden Brompton FLO Confirmed
Little Para FLO Confirmed

Christies Beach HS FLO Confirmed
Youth Justice Centre Confirmed
Mannum Community College Confirmed
Mount Barker HS Disability Unit Confirmed
MBHS Voc College Confirmed
Red Cross Youth Justice Confirmed
Youth Inc Confirmed
Fraser Park Primary School Confirmed
Tyndale College Confirmed
The Foyer Port Adelaide Confirmed
Mr Andrew Asserandy.asser@reclink.org
SEDA College SAActivating student volunteers in the Sport & Recreation IndustrySEDA College SA is a senior secondary school based at different locations across Adelaide. Through partnership with our sporting partners, we engage, educate and empower students through the context of their chosen sport (AFL, basketball, cricket, football and netball). Students engage in industry experiences such as volunteering, Community Work Days and Structured Workplace Learning.

Through the establishment of this program, SEDA College SA seeks to provide greater opportunities for students to plan and deliver community programs to promote healthy and active lifestyles. The funding will be used to employ a full-time or part-time 'Community Programs Coordinator', who will work with students to plan programs to meet the needs of community groups (for example, families, primary schools, aged care providers, disability groups and remote community groups). The programs could range from multi-sport clinics for pre-school children to 'Come 'n' Try' days or walking/jogging events. The funding will also be used to purchase resources required for the delivery of these programs.

The aims of the project include:

- activation of student volunteer groups in the sporting industry

- increased student agency within the College

- promotion of lifelong physical literacy and active lifestyles within the community

- increased participation opportunities on behalf of our sporting partners

We seek to work with ORSR to establish this program and find the best ways to meet the needs of the community.
Adelaide Football Club Confirmed
Netball South Australia Confirmed

Adelaide Thunderbirds Confirmed
Basketball South Australia Confirmed
Adelaide 36ers Confirmed

Adelaide Thunderbirds Confirmed
South Australian Cricket Association Confirmed
Football South Australia Confirmed
Adelaide United Confirmed
Mr Ashley Jennerashleyj@sedacollege.sa.edu.au
Woodville South Cricket ClubWomen's CricketWoodville South Cricket Club is looking to start next season having Women and Girls teams in both Junior and Senior divisions. Cricket has for a long time been seen as a mostly male sport, however we know recently as seen at First Class level that Women's sport is hugely popular.

We have noticed that after school that there were not many pathways into organised sport for women until recently. We want to support Women and girls continuing to be active during their life and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

To do this we would need assistance to promote the teams available, build enough interest to get a side together, potentially recruit another coach.

We want to ensure our club is open to the whole community and provide ways of getting active to the whole community.
Charles Sturt Council Potential, conversation has not begun
SACA Potential, conversation has begun
Adelaide Turf Potential, conversation has begun
Miss Leeahna Johnsonleeahnajohnson@gmail.com