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Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program

Now Open

Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program Guidelines PDF, 761.58 KB

Please note there is no registration of interest process this round due to expedited timeframes. However, we still strongly encourage you to contact ORSR, SANFL, SACA, and Netball SA to discuss your project in the first instance.

Formal Applications

1 April 2020

30 April 2020 (midday)

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The Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program is aimed at increasing participation and improving gender equity in Australian Rules Football, Cricket and Netball to support healthier, happier, and safer communities.

The program will assist eligible organisations to develop core infrastructure that directly impacts participation through rational development of good quality, well designed and utilised facilities.

In order to respond to current events Round 3 of the program has had its timelines significantly expedited.

Key Dates


Applications Opened: 24 October 2019

Applications Close: 27 February 2019 (midday)

Expected Notification: After 1 June 2019


Registrations of Interest Opened: 17 July 2019

Formal Applications Opened: 11 September 2019

Formal Applications and Registrations of Interest Closed: 13 November 2019 (midday)

Round 3 - CLOSED

Applications Opened: 1 April 2020

Applications Close: 30 April 2020 (midday)

Expected Notification: 30 June 2020


The budget for Round 3 of the program is $5 million.

Eligible applicants may apply under the following categories:

Standard development
Dollar for dollar funding from $25,000 up to $500,000 (50%).

Major development
Projects valued over $1.5 million may apply for a third of the project up to $1,000,000. (i.e. a Council undertaking a large new facility; If the total project value is $3 million, then $1 million can be applied for)

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program funding, organisations must:

  • Be a not-for-profit sport club, association or sports facility manager incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985; or
  • Be a Council; and
  • Be operating for 12 months or longer

Organisations can only submit one application. *Councils are the only exception to this.

The following organisations will be considered ineligible for program funding:

  • For profit, commercial organisations.
  • An organisation that has overdue Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR), South Australian National Football League (SANFL), South Australian Cricket Association (SACA), or Netball South Australia (Netball SA) grant acquittals or unpaid affiliation fees/invoices.

Eligible Projects

A Football (Australian Rules), Cricket, or Netball Club that is affiliated to the SANFL, SACA or Netball SA must benefit from the project. The following projects will be considered for funding:

  • Construct new unisex change room facilities (including modular).
  • Redevelop or refurbish current change facilities.
  • Develop new or redevelop/refurbish existing change rooms for officials.
  • Construct parent and child change space.
  • Develop or redevelop playing surfaces (new surfaces, cricket pitches or practice nets, drainage, irrigation etc.).
  • Install new or replace and improve on existing lighting for training or playing areas

Additional amenities (i.e. storage or medical treatment rooms) may be considered if they complement the overall facility and are not the primary reason for the project.

All projects must meet the minimum relevant State Sporting Organisation and Australian Standards (e.g. change room dimensions).

All projects must provide Landowner consent for the project (where the project is located).

The following project types are ineligible:

  • Projects solely for the development of bars and/or kitchens
  • Projects that commence prior to a Grant Agreement being finalised
  • Projects that do not support one of the following sports: Football (Australian Rules), Cricket, Netball.
  • Projects that do not provide an improved sport participation outcome
  • The repair or replacement of facilities damaged by fire, explosion, vandalism, flood, storm or other natural disasters that would normally be covered by insurance
  • Requests solely for the purchase of recreation, entertainment, sporting, maintenance or any other equipment
  • Projects conducted outside of South Australia
  • Residential buildings including caretaker residences
  • Routine or cyclical maintenance works to existing facilities
  • Projects that have already received an ORSR grant.
  • Projects with a shortfall of funding.

SANFL, SACA, and Netball SA Key Contacts, Facility Design Guidelines

To strengthen the potential outcomes from the Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program for communities – applicants are required to engage with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, SANFL, SACA and/or Netball SA as early as possible to develop proposals that strongly align with the fund.

Before commencing your application please contact these organisations for their support and advice.

South Australian National Football League

Lisa Faraci - Community Infrastructure and Planning Manager


Australian Football League Preferred Facility Guidelines

South Australian Cricket Association

Alicia Clutterham - Infrastructure Manager


Cricket Australia Communities Facilities Guidelines

Netball South Australia

Megan Wooldridge - General Manager


Netball Australia Facility Guidelines

Application Process

1. Apply

Apply using the appropriate link found on the right-hand side of this page.

Complete the application in full and submit prior to the closing time of the program. Late or incomplete applications may not be assessed. Additional documents that are submitted after the closing date may also not be considered in the assessment.

Fax, Email or Physical submission of an application is not accepted.

2. Screening

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will screens applications to ensure eligibility prior to assessment.

3. Assessment

Eligible applications will initially be assessed for Strategic Justification by the SANFL, SACA, and Netball SA.

Those priorities will be provided to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing who will complete the assessment process. Applications are assessed on merit by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing against the Assessment Criteria.

4. Recommendation Process

Once the assessment is completed, funding recommendations are forwarded to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing for consideration.

5. Notification

If our application is successful

Successful applicants (Grantees) will receive notification and grantees will be forwarded a Grant Offer. Once the agreement has been signed, Grantees can commence their project, which must be completed within 24 months.

Payment will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement.

If our application is unsuccessful

All unsuccessful applicants will receive notification. Applicants are encouraged to contact Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing for feedback on their application.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria will be used to determine funding recommendations. Applications are assessed on merit by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing against the Assessment Criteria below.

*Assessment criteria weighting has changed from the previous rounds*

Please note, satisfying the assessment criteria alone does not guarantee the receipt of funding. The proposed project will also be assessed against the relative merit of other projects in meeting the program criteria.

In addition, it is anticipated that the number of eligible applications and funds sought will exceed the funds available and therefore ORSR does not guarantee projects will be successful nor that successful projects will receive the full amount of funding requested

Information Sessions

Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions; one to one or group grant informations sessions are not being conducted.

If you require assistance with SmartyGrants, please review the Applicant Help Site.

If you require information or assistance about a Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing grant or Grant Program please contact us.

Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

Previous Approvals

Success Stories

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Variations to your Grant

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant. Grantees can seek to amend the terms or conditions, or seek additional time, amend the purpose or outcome of the grant.

If you require an amendment, please contact us with the application number and we will forward an Agreement Variation Request through SmartyGrants, which will ask what you would like varied and why you need it varied, for that specific grant.

Your Agreement Variation Request will be considered, and you will be notified of the outcome of your request.

Contact us

Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

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