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Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program

Now Open

2020-21 Round

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17 July 2020

Close date:
Wednesday 16 September 2020 (12 noon)

Expected notification:
after 14 December 2020

Currently Closed

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Example Guidelines and Forms

Guidelines PDF, 524.75 KB


The objective of the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program is to provide access to funding for the development of sustainable, functional, inclusive and fit for purpose active recreation and sport facilities that meet the current and future needs of the South Australian community.

The program will assist eligible organisations to develop core infrastructure that directly impacts participation through rational development of good quality, well designed and utilised facilities.

Key Dates

A current review of the grants programs are underway.  Details about the program will be provided after this review has been completed. For further information about this review, click here.




Funding is available on a dollar for dollar basis (recreational trails may apply for up to 75%).

Eligible Applicants

Be a not-for-profit sport club, association or sports facility manager incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985; or

Be a Council; or

Be a School Council/Board of Management; and

Be operating for 12 months or longer

Eligible Projects and Amounts

Organisations can apply under the following categories:

  • Minor facility development (requests $25,000 - $200,000)
  • Major facility development (requests $200,000 - $1,000,000)

Funding is available at a dollar for dollar basis (up to 50%). *Recreational trail projects may apply for up to 75%.

Through this program funding is available to assist organisations:

  • Construct or upgrade an active recreation and sport facility or multi-use sports hub.
  • Upgrade of an aquatic facility.
  • Modifications to ensure that an existing facility meets environmental and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
  • Major upgrades to playing surfaces such as court resurfacing, installation of playing field irrigation systems/drainage systems.
  • Installation of floodlighting.
  • Construction/development of trails (walking, horse, bike, water-based).
  • Water and energy saving initiatives including water harvesting, installation of new or upgrades to existing irrigation infrastructure, connection to existing water infrastructure (e.g. Glenelg Adelaide Pipeline), more efficient lighting, installation of solar panels and other innovative smart technologies.

Please note that the list above are example projects that may be funded. The list is by no means exhaustive and applications for other projects that meet the objectives of the program are welcome.

Where applicable all projects must also meet relevant State Sporting Organisation and Australian Standards (e.g. change room dimensions).

Assessment Principles

Eligible applications are assessed on merit by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing against the Assessment Criteria by a Funding Assessment Committee.

Project Need

Extent to which the applicant has demonstrates and evidences that the project:

  • Addresses an identified need, gap or deficiency in the availability of active recreation and sporting facilities to the community.
  • Will lead to benefit/s for each user group.
  • Users of the facility and the broader community support the project.

Participation and Utilisation

Extent to which the applicant has demonstrates and evidences that the project:

  • Will lead to positive participation and utilization outcomes for active recreation and sport.
  • Will lead to additional programming opportunities and/or improved inclusiveness.
  • The project provides for multiple sports and/or user groups.
  • The project will provide gender equity in programming/scheduling.

Quality Infrastructure

Extent to which the:

  • Project improves the quality, safety, or standard of facilities that are available to the community.
  • Applicant provides site plans that clearly address Community Safety, Risk Management, Universal Design Principles, and Environmentally Sustainable Design.

Strategic Justification

Extent to which the project:

  • Is identified through a facility planning process and identified as a priority by the local council and/or state sporting organisation.
  • Has committed funding from other project partners (e.g. applicant organisation, local government).
  • Is classified as being of State or Regional level significance.
  • Demonstrates economic impact during construction and operation, including employment during and after construction.

Project Delivery and Maintenance

Extent to which the applicant evidences capacity to:

  • Finance and deliver the project via confirmed funding contributions, itemised accurate costings/quotes, and project management history.
  • Identify the project scope and outline how the project will be completed within a prescribed timeframe.
  • Manage the ongoing maintenance and life-cycle replacement costs.

Please note, satisfying the assessment criteria alone does not guarantee the receipt of funding. The proposed project will also be assessed against the relative merit of other projects in meeting the program criteria.

In addition, it is anticipated that the number of eligible applications and funds sought will exceed the funds available and therefore ORSR does not guarantee projects will be successful nor that successful projects will receive the full amount of funding requested. Please note, applications that would be ineligible to apply under the Grassroots Football, Cricket, and Netball Facility Program due to the sports involved will be prioritised in the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

Assessment Process

STEP 1 – Application Screening

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing conducts a preliminary assessment of all applications to check that;

  • the applicant organisation is eligible to apply, and
  • the application has been completed in full, and all essential information has been provided.

Incomplete applications may be deemed ineligible.

STEP 2 – Assessment against principles

STEP 3 - Recommendations

Once assessment is completed, funding recommendations are forwarded to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing for consideration.  All organisations will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Program Guidelines and Forms

Information Sessions

Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions; one to one or group grant informations sessions are not being conducted.

If you require assistance with SmartyGrants, please review the Applicant Help Site.

If you require information or assistance about a Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing grant or Grant Program please contact us.

Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

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Managing your Grant


The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing grants are managed through SmartyGrants. Please login to view your grant application/s and grant obligations due.

Variations to your grant

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant. Grantees can seek additional time or to amend the purpose of the grant. For further information Grant Variation Fact Sheet (PDF, 195 KB)

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Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

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