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Active Club Program

Currently Closed

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2020-21 (Round 49) - Programs and Equipment

Expected notification: 12 November 2020

Anticipated opening for Round 50: to be confirmed

Example Guidelines and Forms

Program and Equipment Guidelines PDF, 1143.84 KB

Example Profit Loss Statement   (DOCX, 32 KB) JPG, 58.87 KB
Example Balance Sheet (DOCX, 32 KB) PNG, 51.07 KB

Now Open

2020-21 (Round 49) - Programs and Equipment

Program and Equipment Guidelines PDF, 1143.84 KB

To complete or view the status of your application/s, click below.

10 August 2020

Close date:
23 September 2020 - applications must be submitted online before 12pm noon ACST

Expected notification:
After 27 November 2020

Example Profit Loss Statement   (DOCX, 32 KB) JPG, 58.87 KB
Example Balance Sheet (DOCX, 32 KB) PNG, 51.07 KB


The Active Club Program helps active recreation and sports club with program and equipment funding up to and including $3,000.

Key Dates

2020-21 Round 49

Open: 10 August 2020
Closes: 23 September 2020
Expected Notification: After 27 November 2020




Eligible Applicants

To be eligible organisations must:

  • be a not-for-profit active recreation or sport club or community organisation whose purpose is the delivery of active recreation or sport programs and services in South Australia,
  • be incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 (SA) or have some other comparable legal status, and
  • have a minimum total membership base of 20 members. Total membership can include associate, social and life membership, and must
  • provide a copy of the most recent certified (signed or electronically signed by the club Treasurer) or audited Statement of Financial Performance (Income and Expenditure Statement) and / or Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)

Where an applicant has not applied to ORSR previously, additional information will be requested to ensure the applicant meets the eligibility criteria, and in order to assist with an accurate assessment. The following additional information will be requested:

  • Previous names and addresses of the applicant organisation, or amalgamation details of the applicant where applicable.
  • A copy of the applicant's approved and registered constitution.
  • Details of the facility land owner, and current lease and licence terms.
  • A breakdown of membership.

Please note further information is available in the guidelines.

And the following organisations will be considered ineligible for funding:

  • An organisation that holds a Gaming Machine Licence
  • Organisations that have been operating for less than 12 months
  • For profit, commercial organisations
  • Councils (Local Government)
  • State Associations and Peak Bodies, receiving Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program funding
  • Educational Institutions
  • An organisation whose purpose is not the delivery of active recreation and sport programs
  • An organisation that has overdue ORSR grant acquittals
  • Unincorporated organisations
  • An organisation that has a total membership base of less than 20 members.

Eligible Projects and Amounts

Programs and Equipment Grants

Whilst applicants cannot apply for a specific amount, grants of either $1,500 or $3,000 will be available for each applicant based on the membership of the club.

For eligible applicants with 99 members or less, the maximum grant available will be $1,500. For eligible applicants with 100 or more members the maximum grant available will be $3,000.

The grant cannot be used to cover the following project costs:

  • Costs incurred before 1 July 2020 are not considered eligible.
  • Projects that do not provide a benefit to sport or active recreation.
  • Operating costs, such as ongoing venue lease or hire fees, utilities, grant administration costs, office costs, rent expenses or insurance costs.
  • Purchasing of prizes, trophies (including plaques, honour boards etc), motor vehicles, white goods (such as refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers), furniture and covering food and catering costs, are also ineligible.
  • Facility projects or capital works are not eligible under program and equipment funding. Please note this includes any items that are fixed or are considered a permanent fixture. Examples may include pop up irrigation, surface upgrades, shade sails, building storage sheds, electronic score boards, installing light towers etc.
  • Travel and accommodation costs NOT associated with professional development. For example, ORSR will fund coaches / officials / volunteers to travel to gain accreditation or to undertake training. ORSR will not fund clubs to send teams / individuals to participate in competitions.
  • Funding under this category cannot be used for playing, coaching, instructing or honorarium wages (e.g. paid coaches).

Assessment Criteria

Where an application is deemed eligible, the Funding Assessment Committee will prioritise it against the following principles.

  1. When an applicant last received funding for a Program and Equipment grant through the Active Club Program.
  2. Whether an applicant is affiliated with its Peak Body.
  3. Whether an applicant is registered with or has completed STARCLUB (for more information on this process refer to: https://www.starclub.sa.gov.au/ ).
  4. Whether an applicant provides adapted services to any of the following groups:
    • Multicultural or culturally and linguistically Diverse
    • People with disabilities (physical or intellectual)
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex and queer communities)
    • Low socio-economic

Assessment Process

STEP 1 – Application Screening

ORSR conducts a preliminary assessment of all applications.

  • Ensuring the applicant organisation is eligible to apply,
  • That the application has been completed in full, and all essential information has been provided (incomplete applications may be deemed ineligible).

If an application fails to pass eligibility screening the applicant will be contacted via email, using the details provided in the application. The online application form will be reopened for the applicant to update and resubmit.

If an application is not resubmitted before the first day of the Assessment by the Funding Assessment Committee, the application will be deemed withdrawn.

During the screening process, ORSR may request further information.

STEP 2 – Assessment against criteria

As stated above in 'Assessment Criteria'.

STEP 3 – Recommendations

Once the assessment is completed, the Chief Executive, of ORSR will provide funding recommendations to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing for consideration. All organisations will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application.

Program Guidelines and Forms

Programs and Equipment Grants - Open

Program and Equipment Guidelines PDF, 1143.84 KB

Information Sessions

Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions; one to one or group grant informations sessions are not being conducted.

If you require assistance with SmartyGrants, please review the Applicant Help Site.

If you require information or assistance about a Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing grant or Grant Program please contact us.

Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

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Variations to your Grant

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant. Grantees can seek to amend the terms or conditions, or seek additional time, amend the purpose or outcome of the grant.

If you require an amendment, please contact us with the application number and we will forward an Agreement Variation Request through SmartyGrants, which will ask what you would like varied and why you need it varied, for that specific grant.

Your Agreement Variation Request will be considered, and you will be notified of the outcome of your request.

Contact us

Funding Services
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Phone: 1300 714 990 (option 1)
Postal: PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park 5032
Address: 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park 5025

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