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Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19

This FAQ will be updated regularly and accessible to all, but is likely to be more relevant to state sporting and recreation associations.

State Associations should look to prepare their own set of FAQ that is customised to their specific sport and responds to questions coming through their club network. You can play an important role to play in helping keep members, fans and visitors healthy by encouraging them to practice good hygiene.

If you have a question which is not listed on the FAQ below, email us at: ORSR.COVID19Support@sa.gov.au



General Questions regarding COVID-19


Where do I go and who do I listen to for advice?

  • The Government is the best source of information.
  • For the most up to date information, refer to the Federal  Department of Health, SA Government
  • For information regarding Health, visit the SA Health Frequently Asked Questions
  • For information regarding sport, recreation and racing organisations, visit the ORSR website.


How can I help right now?

  • At present, please support each other, keep the lines of communication open, and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing are here to help too.
  • SA COVID-19 Information Line - 1800 253 787 offers local information and advice on general COVID-19 information for South Australians.


What support is available for National bodies, and can the State provide assistance?

  • National bodies should liaise with Sport Australia, their general funder, as federal funding for all employers is available.
  • The State Government will working with state sport and recreation organisations.


How will the sector benefit from the Marshall Government’s $250 million for community sport, recreation, arts organisations stimulus package? How will this be administered?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing are working with the Department of Treasury and Finance to determine how this funding will be allocated to the sport and recreation sector.


What other government financial support is available?

  • Business and Jobs Support Fund and Community and Jobs Support Fund – South Australia
    • If your organisation is seeking more information about the Fund or where to make a submission please visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website (https://www.treasury.sa.gov.au/Growing-South-Australia/stimulus-measures-to-support-businesses-and-the-community-impacted-by-covid-19) and emailing the Community and Jobs Support Fund at communityandjobssupportfund@sa.gov.au
    • At this stage the support funding will not be administered by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, however the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s Chief Executive is representing the sport, recreation and racing sectors on the Community and Jobs Support Fund assisting with determining the priorities for the fund.
    • The Department of Treasury and Finance has received all information provided by the state peak bodies to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Contingency Planning survey.
  • Support for Business – Federal


  • Individuals and Households – Federal


Recommencing sport and recreation seasons


When will we be able to commence our competitions again?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will be listening to the advice from the Government and the public health experts, and we will inform all of our stakeholders when these restrictions are relaxed.


Will all sport be treated the same in terms of the timing of recommencing?

  • When the Prime Minister and Premier relax specific restrictions, on the basis of advice from the public health experts, we expect that these will affect sports differently.
  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will ask sports to look closely at each of those relaxed restrictions before making assessments about whether their sports can recommence operations safely.
  • Depending on the timing of the recommencement, the length of both the winter and next summer seasons may be modified.


Post isolation, more people than ever may wish to be involved in sport and recreation.  How can we prepare for this now, rather than try to manage it once it is happening?

  • During this time, it will be important to keep your members and volunteers engaged. Find innovative ways to do so, through the use of technology.
  • These members and volunteers will be critical when sport begins again.
  • Continue to look closely at the Job Keeper allowance, as this may allow you to keep staff on board during the disruption to undertake these types of preparations to support volunteers and members during this time.
  • Ensure you keep open lines of communication with your members and volunteers on when and how your Association/club is ramping up and what they can tell participants about memberships, shortened seasons or new schedules.
  • Ensure that post isolation, your sport will be inclusive of all people and therefore having the necessary structures and policies in place to hit the ground running.

Membership fees and sports vouchers


What should sports do about members asking for refunds on fees or membership because no activity can take place?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is also seeking advice from Consumer and Business Services on this matter.
  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing encourages innovation.  What service can you still provide your members?
  • You may wish to offer your members a postponed expiry date for their existing member’s fee or provide a credit for the next.
  • As always, you should seek legal advice regarding your individual circumstances.


Do clubs have to provide a refund for sports vouchers they have submitted?

  • The Sports Vouchers team will not seek refunds of sports vouchers.
  • The Sports Vouchers team will only offer to process vouchers for groups that have either commenced or completed their activity. They will seek verification of these prior to process claims from that provider.
  • Sports such as calisthenics and martial arts groups are thinking innovatively and offering classes online, and therefore Sports Vouchers are still being processed.

Grants and Projects


Will my organisation still receive Sport and Recreation Sustainability Funding from 1 July 2020?

  • Yes, the existing Sport and Recreation Sustainability funding agreements and any existing Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program agreements will be honoured for next financial year.
  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing have provided the reporting extensions until 30 June 2020, the expiry date of these agreements.


We have applied through the Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program, notification was expected after 31 March 2020, when will I know the outcome?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing have placed the assessment of the new projects on hold for the time being.
  • Given the changing landscape the Office for   Recreation, Sport and Racing will be reassessing the current round applications to ensure the funding is allocated to the right areas to help   the sector.
  • As these proposals and initiatives were applied for last November 2019, the sector is now a very different place, and resources may need to be directed towards re-establishing and rebuilding rather than continue projects.


What will the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s position be on finalising any grant funding whereby activities are not able to be done?

  • Contact the Office for Recreation, Sport and   Racing’s Funding Services Team to negotiate variations to terms, obligations and even projects if required.
  • However there is no need to rush these decisions at this point in time.


Will the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing be managing any funds being distributed or will it be done by a different department or a group like Clubs SA or Sport SA?

  • The Department of Treasury and Finance is administering the Community and Jobs Fund, with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing providing input.
  • Thank you to the organisations who have already provided information through the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Contingency Planning questionnaire.


What is the commitment to inclusion funding in the next few years?

  • At present that is too early to quantify or to   make any promises, however the State Government is committed to ensuring sport and physical activity should be open to all within our community.


What is the status of the ORSR key projects; Game On, Getting South Australians Active, the Infrastructure Plan and the Grants Review

  • Both Game On and the Infrastructure Plan are progressing and you will be provided an update on these projects shortly.
  • Both projects will be playing a big part in the recovery process.
  • The grants review project is currently on hold and will be reviewed in line with the new priorities of the sector post COVID-19.


Is STARCLUB still being supported?

  • STARCLUB is still being supported, and we encourage organisations to use this time to access or update your best Governance practices.
  • STARCLUB is free and open to all sport and recreation organisations to participate in, and importantly during this time, is all online.
  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing know many organisations find value in STARCLUB, which is why we are currently reviewing the program to see how it can best support you in the future.


I have an idea that would assist the industry during this period how can we access some funding support to start these initiatives?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing would love to hear your ideas to support the industry through these times.
  • You can send any ideas through to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing via the COVID-19 mailbox and we will review their merit.

HR and Governance


What does the Federal Government announcement of $1500/fortnight for businesses to support employees mean for sports/recreation organisations who have already stood staff down?

  • Examine your business and determine essential people and/ or skills as you will need to hit the ground running and apply for the JobKeeper program.


How do clubs and associations meet their legal obligations to conduct their AGM?

  • Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions now in place on public gatherings, some associations may find it difficult to comply with the legislative requirement around holding Annual General Meetings.
  • Where technology can be used, associations may wish to consider holding a 'virtual' AGM (either online, or via   teleconference).
  • Associations should remain mindful or good governance practices – including accessibility and inclusiveness, appropriate   record keeping and giving members reasonable notice of meetings – regardless   of the form an AGM takes. As always, you should ensure that members are able   to ask questions or raise concerns about the way a meeting is run.
  • In some cases, for example where members can’t access the appropriate technology, it will be appropriate to instead defer the meeting.
  • Subject to the above, Consumer and Business Services will not take action where a virtual AGM is held, but does not   comply with the association’s rules due to requirements that meetings are held in person.
  • In addition, if associations are unable to   hold an AGM within the legislated timeframe, Consumer and Business Services will take no action where AGMs are postponed for up to six months.
  • For more information, contact associations@sa.gov.au
  • While Consumer and Business Services will not take action in relation to non-compliance involving actions in response to COVID-19, this doesn't protect the association against any third party claim that the action contravened the legislation.


Will the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing be running any financial training for clubs to help them understand their cashflow so as to identify if they will remain viable?

  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing are not receiving advice from clubs that feel they need financial training at this time.
  • However, if this need were to arise the office would certainly work with our training contractors to postpone or cancel training activities that are currently scheduled to allow for training of this nature to occur.
  • The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will also look at who else are proving specific training and link the sector accordingly.

Staying Active


Should I restrict my physical activity?

  • Exercise and maintaining your level of fitness remains an important part of physical and mental health for everyone.
  • For those who are well, they should continue to train, within the current restrictions on public gatherings. At this point athletes should not attend team training, public or outdoor gyms, playgrounds or skate parks.
  • Athletes should discuss with their state and national sporting organisations and coaching staff methods for continuing to exercise and maintain their fitness through this period.


Is it okay to ride your horse on public land as part of your normal exercise, e.g. to put your horse into the trailer and go to Forestry SA land, national parks etc. and go for a ride?

  • Where were you could legally walk, or ride you   should be able to now; just do it safely and in accordance with the current  Health guidelines.
  • You should be feeling well and maintain social distancing and please limit non-essential travel.
  • Do not travel hours to the locations - we want people to be safe and not have an accident that would require medical treatment.
  • The Government still wants people to be physically and mentally active and ensuring these yet maintaining the new health guidelines is important.



Can more than two people be together at an outdoor sporting or recreational venue?

  • Yes, provided:
  • There are no more than 10 people
  • Social distancing principles and density requirements are adhered to
  • There is no use of the indoor facilities – they are to be closed

Note: this is different in NSW, Vic, QLD, Tas, ACT and WA, where no more than two people are to be together outdoors with some exemptions unique to each state.


Can sports and recreations still hold one-on-one coaching sessions?

  • Yes, if:
  • They are outdoors
  • Social distancing principles and density requirements* are adhered to.

*social distancing principles – keeping 1.5m distance between you and another person at all times

Density requirements – number of persons present inside a premises must not exceed one person per four square metres.