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Courses and Events

Sport SA, through a contractual arrangement with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) has been engaged to deliver the following ORSR courses:

  • Essentials for Coaching Children (ECC)
  • Child Safe Officer (CSO)
  • Complaint Handling (CH)
  • Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

If you would like register for a course, or facilitate training specific for your club or association, please contact Sport SA at membership@sportsa.org.au or https://www.sportsa.org.au/trng/ for more information.

Coaching Courses

Essentials for Coaching Children (ECC)

The ECC is a 3 hour face to face training course for entry-level coaches. It is a basic introduction to coaching, with the aim of giving new or aspiring coaches the basic skills, knowledge and tips needed to provide an effective, enjoyable sporting experience for all participants.

Child Safe Environment Courses

Child Safe Officer (CSO)

CSO training provides participants with information about obligations concerning child safety, child safe environments and identifying and minimising risk (i.e. mandated notification; compliance; working with children checks). It links to the ‘Play by the Rules’ online training modules.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

The MPIO role is established under Member Protection Policy and is designed to be a point of contact for a person reporting an issue or a complaint under, or a breach of this policy. The training for a MPIO consists of the completion of 7 online modules offered through the ‘Play by the Rules’ website supported by a face to face workshop.

The face to face component covers:

  1. The role and responsibility of the MPIO and how to apply in a sport context
  2. Useful communication skills
  3. Gain a greater understanding of conflict of interest.

Complaint Handling (CH)

The ORSR’s 4 hour complaint handling course addressing the theory and practice of complaint handling in conflict situations for the recreation, sport and racing sector is divided into three sections;

  1. Understanding Conflict
  2. Ethical Decision Making
  3. Handling Complaints Effectively

The emphasis is on the understanding of why people react the way they do to conflict and how to handle situations in a more effective and appropriate manner. Member protection issues primarily relate to bullying, harassment, discrimination, unfair treatment and poor sideline behaviour.