The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) would like to advise that the STARCLUB Club Development Program will be discontinued from 30 April 2023. Clubs can still utilise the online assessment tool until this date, however STARCLUB recognition is no longer available.


Why has STARCLUB closed?

The STARCLUB Club Development Program has not been upgradeed since 2010 and requires significant investment to modernise its offering.

Sport Australia has recently launched a nationally aligned club development tool Game Plan, which included input from ORSR in its design phase.

Aligning with a newly developed national club development framework will allow clubs to develop modern, best practice principles.

Can we still access the STARCLUB website?

The STARCLUB online assessment tool will remain open and accessible until 30 April 2023.

Club development information from the STARCLUB tool will be converted into fact sheets and will be available on the ORSR website.

What will happen to our recognition status?

Clubs can continue to promote that they are a recognised STARCLUB through use of logos and banners, however this will have no bearing on future funding opportunities.

Are we now disadvantaged for ORSR funding programs?

STARCLUB status will no longer be a requirement of any ORSR funding programs.

Registration for Game Plan will also not affect ORSR funding opportunities.

How can clubs upskill in club development without STARCLUB?

Sport Australia’s Game Plan provides insights into a club's capability and connects them with specific tools and resources to build and support ongoing development.

Sport SA also delivers training across a range of areas. Contact Sport SA at to discuss further.

Can I still apply for STARCLUB recognition?

ORSR will no longer be conducting assessments for STARCLUB recognition.