STARCLUB is a Club Development Program that has been designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your club whether you believe your club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do.

Information in the STARCLUB program is specific to current South Australian legislation and is updated regularly to reflect state and national best practice in club development.

To receive information and support to gradually build your club so it can provide the best environment possible for your members and the wider community, complete or update the online assessment.

STARCLUB Field Officers

The STARCLUB Field Officer Program is a partnership between the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and 34 regional Councils plus the Outback Communities Authority. The program works with sport and recreation clubs and associations in regional communities to help them develop and prosper.

The Program aims to increase the capacity and capability of regional sport and active recreation clubs and associations, to provide sustainable and quality opportunities for participation by:

  • providing a vital and valued link between stakeholders;
  • assisting clubs and recreation organisations to be well managed and sustainable long term;
  • assisting clubs and recreation organisations to identify needs in order to facilitate actions and programs that help achieve success;
  • providing training opportunities to up-skill regional sporting and recreational volunteers; and
  • facilitating effective management and use of sport and recreation facilities.

If you are a member of a regional sport and recreation club or association and have access to a STARCLUB Field Officer in your region, give them a call to see what support or assistance they may be able to provide you.

STARCLUB Field Officer contact details