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Our Structure

Organisational Overview

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) is the lead agency for the Government's policy on sport and active recreation. ORSR supports sport and recreation through the development of policy, programs and resources, the provision of funding, recreation and sport planning, infrastructure development, elite sport pathways and programs, and the promotion of physical activity.

The Office also provides strategic policy advice to the Minister for Racing on matters relating to the South Australian Racing industry.

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing Structure

The Strategy and Investment division uses market intelligence, research and evaluation to understand and share industry insights and to devise strategy to enhance the ORSR performance and industry outcomes. The division administers the Sports Voucher program and the assessment and allocation of grants for a range of industry priorities and outcomes through one-off, term and ongoing programs. This division is also responsible for corporate services and governance and is the conduit into the host department and broader government.

The Infrastructure and Sector Capability division provides a strategic and integrated approach towards the development and delivery of recreation and sport infrastructure and works to build diversity, strength, capacity and sustainability with industry clients. The division is responsible for 26 sporting assets across the State, including major sporting venues such as Adelaide Superdrome and SA Athletics Stadium and undertakes development planning, construction project management, facilities management, and recreation trails development and management. The division also develops programs, resources, and initiatives to educate, support and enhance the efforts of sport and recreation organisations and clubs.

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) provides specialist high performance sport services and talent identification programs to support South Australian athletes and sports to achieve national and international success. SASI delivers leading edge scientific and technical support and supports the holistic development of athletes, coaches and staff. SASI supports six National Centre’s of Excellence where the focus is on maximising the podium potential of senior national athletes. SASI also delivers seven sport programs where the development of emerging athletes is the primary focus. More information can be found on the SASI website.

A copy of the organisational structure can be downloaded here.

The details and reporting lines of the ORSR committees can be downloaded here.


The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is an attached office to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.