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Game On


The Game On: Getting South Australia Active project will be a call to action for industry leaders, government and other interested stakeholders.

Game On will identify the key opportunities and challenges for participants in and providers of sport and recreation through extensive community consultation. Once key opportunities and challenges have been identified, an Expert Panel will prioritise the issues that optimise the benefits for the community. The priority issues will then be investigated further to fully understand each issue from both a community and expert perspective. At this point, the findings will be published in a Game On issues paper.

The Game On issues paper will be a focal point for sport and recreation organisations to maximise their limited resources to effect systemic change - both individually and collectively. Game On will support strategic planning for individual organisations, for the sport and recreation sector at large and will be a tool to foster collaboration amongst traditional and non-traditional partners to address the Game On issues.

In summary, the Game On project aims to:

  • Provide vision and direction for South Australia’s sport and recreation industry.
  • Identify future opportunities for economic growth within the industry.
  • Enhance social capital and capability for world class facilities and events.
  • Increase stakeholder understanding and engagement with emerging issues.
  • Develop a common platform for stakeholder collaboration, strategic and sector planning.
  • Better inform government agencies on how sport and recreation can contribute to whole of government objectives.


  • Project commencement - January 2019.
  • Phase One statewide consultation - June to August 2019
  • Phase Two consultation - September to November 2019
  • Game On report - December 2019

The implementation of recommendations will commence at the beginning of the 2020 year.

Consultation - Phase One

To achieve the Game On project objectives, a comprehensive ten week state-wide consultation phase was undertaken from June to August 2019.

Two other key ORSR priority projects were also consulted with the Game On project;

ORSR consulted with the state about these three projects collectively, as they are closely aligned and will deliver outcomes that address whole of government and department objectives.

The consultation was undertaken through survey results, written submissions, and interviews and 34 interactive workshops and forums held across the state. The aim was to gather as much input as possible to ensure the community can contribute to this Game On project and influence how South Australia is an active state.

The aim of the consultation for the Game On project was to:

  • Understand how the emerging issues will impact on participation and the sustainability and professionalism of the industry.
  • Understand the challenge &/or opportunity that these issues present.
  • Understand the goals of our industry stakeholders and to explore the barriers and drivers related to the achievement of those goals.

Visit the State Wide Consultation page or review the Consultation Discussion Paper for more information about the Statewide Consultation.

Results from the Consultation - Phase One of the Game On project will identify the key issues that present barriers and or opportunities to becoming a more Active State.

Consultation - Phase Two

Phase Two of the Game On project will use the data collected from the Phase One consultation phase to;

Work with an Expert Panel (listed below) to identify key issues for more in-depth consultation.

Consult further to understand how the key issues collated from Phase One will impact on participation and the sustainability and professionalism of the industry.

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities that these key issues present.
  • Understand the goals of our industry stakeholders with respect to the identified issues and explore the barriers and drivers related to achievement of those goals.
  • Promote a shared understanding of the individual and community benefits from an active population.

The Game On Phase Two consultation will involve

The Game On project and subsequent document and implementation plan will be a focal point for sport and recreation organisations to maximise resources to effect systemic change - both individually and collectively. Game On will also support agencies to collaborate across government to capitalise on these opportunities and maximise the benefits of sport and active recreation to support the achievement of whole-of-government objectives; more jobs, lowering costs for families and businesses and providing better public services for all South Australian’s.

It is anticipated that through collaboration across government, the Game On project will effect systemic change that the supports the Marshall Government’s vision for a healthy and active South Australia.

Game On Opportunities

The eight Game On opportunities and challenges prioritised by the Expert Panel are:

  1. Affordable sport and recreation opportunities
  2. A sustainable sport and recreation sector
  3. Increasing the quantity and quality of volunteering opportunities
  4. High quality, inclusive and accessible sport and recreation infrastructure
  5. Encouraging and enabling lifelong physical activity
  6. High quality and accessible public spaces for active recreation
  7. Encouraging active transport
  8. Active young people with good coordination and strong fundamental movement skills.

The following issues would critical to addressing all eight issues above, and therefore would be used as overarching pillars:

  • Equity
  • Evidence Based
  • Collaboration
  • Funding and Resources

Expert Panel

An Expert Panel has been established to provide expert advice to the Industry Insights Project Manager throughout the Game On project.

Chaired by Port Adelaide Football Club board member Amanda Vanstone, the Game On panel have not just been selected for their previous experience with sport or recreation, although many are experts in that field, but also for their understanding of local government, small business and technology.

Amanda Vanstone – Chair
Senator from 1984 to 2007, Former Australian Ambassador to Italy, Port Adelaide Football Club Board Member

Paul Di Iulio
Chief Executive Officer, Campbelltown City Council, Board Member at SYC (housing, education and employment), Expertise: Local Government

Timothy Olds
Professor, Alliance for Research in Exercise Nutrition and Activity, Sansom Institute, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, Expertise: Research and health

Mark Bickley
FIVEaa, Expertise: Sports

Leeanne Grantham
Commonwealth Games Australia Board Member, Board Director Netball SA
Former CEO at 36ers, CEO WNBL, CEO Events SA and Head of Women’s Football at FFA, Former Australian representative Basketball player. Expertise: Sports (particularly women in sport)

Kylie Taylor
Former Australian lacrosse player and national league basketballer, Chief Executive, Office for Recreation Sport and Racing

Anton Andreacchio
Founder & Managing Director at Convergen and Jumpgate VR, South Australian Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, Adelaide Film Festival Board, Expertise: Technology

Expert Panel Communiqué

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