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Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991, members of the public can request access to information and documents held by the department. A comprehensive overview of how Freedom of Information (FOI) operates in South Australia is available from State Records.

Making an FOI application

Applications requesting access to documents must be made in writing and can take 30 days to process. You may choose to write your own letter of request, or download the FOI application form below.

FOI application form PDF, 343.65 KB

In making an application, ensure you:

  • specify that the application is made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991
  • include the application fee (exemptions apply for Members of Parliament and pensioners or health card holders).  The application fee is $36.75 (as at July 2019).
  • specify an address in Australia to which information can be sent
  • clearly identify the documents being sought or the matter to which they pertain
  • specify whether the documents contain information of a personal nature
  • specify the desired type of access to the document, such as inspection of the document at an arranged location or having a copy made
  • provide contact details by which you can be contacted if clarification about the content of your application is required.

Forward written applications to us as per the contact details below.

Application to review a determination

If you are refused access to a document (either in part, or full), you will be informed of the reasons why and advised of your rights to seek a review of the decision.

You can seek to have the department review a Freedom of Information (FOI) determination (decision), commonly referred to as an internal review.

  • An internal review of a determination form must be lodged with ORSR within 30 calendar days of you receiving advice of a Determination that you are unhappy with. In most instances a fee is payable on application.  The application fee is $36.75 (as at July 2019).

FOI internal review of a determination form PDF, 316.56 KB

You will be advised of the outcome of your internal review application within 14 calendar days of receipt within the department.

If you are not advised within 14 days or you remain unhappy with the outcome of the internal review, you are entitled to an external review by the Ombudsman SA.

In some circumstances you are entitled to apply for a review by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

FOI Contact Details




1300 714 990

Complaints and feedback

We understand that mistakes happen despite our best efforts - make a complaint or provide feedback.

Business hours

Monday to Friday 9am – 5.00pm excluding public holidays


27 Valetta Road

Kidman Park SA 5025

Postal address

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