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Reporting required under any other act or regulation

Act or Regulation


Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000

Section 4 of the Act allows for the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Clause 8 of Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular 22 ‘Establishment and governance requirements for government boards and committees’ requires regular reporting to the Minister of periods not less than 12 monthly.

Boxing and Martial Arts Advisory Committee 2018/19 Annual Report

This Committee is established pursuant to Section 4 of the Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000 (the Act) by the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing until 20 June 2020.

The BMAAC meets to discuss various issues pertaining to combat sports and provides expert advice and recommendations to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing.

The Boxing and Martial Arts Advisory Committee (BMAAC) comprises seven (7) individuals from various backgrounds with expertise in the boxing and martial arts sector, law, medicine and police enforcement, as follows:

  • His Hon Judge Rauf Soulio (Legal/Karate) – Committee Chair.
  • Chief Inspector Greg Hutchins (South Australia Police).
  • Tom Ferrauto (Boxing/Muaythai/Kickboxing/Mixed Martial Arts, Referee/Judge).
  • Laura Bowman (former Muaythai Competitor/Trainer).
  • Uschi Artym (Amateur Boxing – Competitor/Referee/Judge).
  • Mandy Graetz (Muaythai/Kickboxing Trainer/Judge).
  • Dr Luisa Rositano (Ringside Physician/Judo & Jiu Jitsu Competitor).

The gender composition for this Committee is, therefore, 42.9% males and 57.1% females; meeting the government’s target of 50% of Committee positions being held by women.

During the 2018 -19 period the BMAAC met five times and held one ‘out of session’ enquiry.


The following issues were included on BMACC agendas during 2018/19:

  • Participant safety including capability building (for trainers, managers and referees) and rapid (dangerous) weight cutting issues discussed.
  • Review of Liquor Licensing reforms
  • Introduction of new Children Protection Legislation.
  • Feedback was sought on:
    • Proposed rules for:

¨      Muaythai Australia.

¨      World Association Kickboxing Organisation.

  • Eight  Promoter’s licence applications.


There are thirteen (13) Promoters currently licensed in South Australia to whom the duties under Section 8 of the Act apply. They are:

Currently Licenced Promotors

Sarun Chea

Matt Read & Shane Tuck

Jeff Dickson

Neil David Shaw

Kate Dickson

Ethan Shepp

Justin Fennell

Natasha Sky

Carly Gangell

Roy Trajkovic

Terry Hutchings

Ben Vickers & Cam O’Neil

Craig Icke



The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) returned to Adelaide on 2 December 2018 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  This event attracted over 8000 spectators and was streamed live world-wide via “UFC Fight Night 142 - Dos Santos v Tuivasa” to a global audience.

There were thirty (30) other significant promotions in the 2018-19 year comprising:

  • 8 x Muaythai events.
  • 1 x Kun Khmer event.
  • 4 x Kickboxing events.
  • 5 x Mixed Martial Arts.
  • 10 x amateur Boxing events.
  • 2 x Taekwondo events.

*The events indicated above do not include martial art events considered non-contact/light contact, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Professional Wrestling, Roman Greco Wrestling or Interclub Sparring.


Championship Holder

Championship(s) Held

Mia Perrotta

IKBF Modified Muaythai Champion (Jr);

IKBF K1 State Champion; and

WAKO K1 Oceania Champion (Jr).

Tina Sougleris

K1 Open World Champion 57 & 60 Kgs;

WKA K1 Australian Champion;

WAKO K1 State Champion; and

IKBF Australian Champion.

Layla Dickson

WAKO K1 State Champion (Jr).

Jye Breed

ISKA Super Welterweight State Champion.

Sam Goodman

ISKA Light Welterweight State Champion.

Rachel Kavanagh

WKA Bantamweight Australian Champion; and

IKBF Bantamweight Australian Champion.

Jordan Fielding

IKBF - South Pacific Champion.

Nick Keros

Muaythai Australia (MTA) Lightweight State Champion.

Jason Altman

Muaythai Australia (MTA) Super Middleweight State Champion.

Carly Gangell

IKBF Commonwealth Champion;

IKBF South Pacific Champion;

IFMA World Champion; and

IFMA Australian Champion.

Brian Muller

WKA Light Heavyweight State Champion.

Matthew Stevens

WKA Super Welterweight State Champion.

Boxing SA won the Tanner Trophy at the Australia Championships in December 2018. This was the first time South Australia has won since 1969.