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Overview: about the agency

Our strategic focus

Our Purpose

An Active State

Our Vision

Sport and active recreation develops stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

Our Functions

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing:

  • Provides advice and investment where it supports grassroots engagement, provides inclusive spaces, supports high-performance training environments and attracts major events and tourism.
  • Provides advice, support and resources to sport, recreation and racing stakeholders to build on their existing capacity to attract, retain and develop participants at all levels.
  • Invests in targeted programs, partnerships and resources that increase access and opportunities for all people to get involved in sport, recreation and racing.
  • Identifies, develops and supports targeted athletes, coaches, sport programs and pathways that maximise the performance of world-class athletes.
  • Delivers a suite of grant programs that support the achievement of the industry and the government’s sport and recreation priorities, transparently, efficiently and effectively.
  • Supports our service delivery with professional and timely support services that improve our business performance.
  • Supports the administration of legislation assigned to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing.

Our Objectives

  • That South Australians have access to sport and recreation places and spaces that support participation at all levels.
  • That people and organisations delivering sport and active recreation have the capability and capacity to deliver quality opportunities for participation and performance.
  • That it is easy and enjoyable for all South Australians to participate at all levels and in all facets of recreation and sport.
  • That more South Australian athletes win on the international stage.
  • That investment in sport and recreation delivers value for the South Australian economy and community.
  • That the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is progressive, responsive and accountable.

Our Deliverables

Our Places and Spaces strategy seeks to:

  • Lead the development of policy and strategy for land use relating to recreation and sport infrastructure.
  • Develop and embed an evidence-based investment approach for recreation and sport infrastructure and facilities.
  • Develop and promote best practice for the planning, design, development, management and operation of sport and recreation facilities.
  • Plan and develop local, state, national and international standard sport and recreation infrastructure to meet government and community outcomes.
  • Collaborate across government to develop and co-invest in local and regional facilities that meet the needs of sport, recreation and the community.

Our Capacity and Capability strategy seeks to:

  • Lead the development of resources to encourage governance structures, systems and behaviours that support good leadership and decision making
  • Promote and develop sport and recreation environments that are fair, safe and ethical
  • Invest in people, projects and initiatives that increase the capability and capacity of recreation and sport in South Australia.

Our Access and Opportunity strategy seeks to:

  • Lead the Women in Sport agenda in South Australia.
  • Develop plans and strategic partnerships to realise participation opportunities for low participation cohorts.
  • Invest in people, projects and initiatives that increase access and opportunities to participate in sport and recreation.

Our Investment strategy seeks to:

  • Consult with industry on product development.
  • Reduce red tape requirements for funded organisations.
  • Evaluate the purpose and efficacy of programs.

Our Business Performance strategy seeks to:

  • Provide effective management of resources, governance, risk and services.
  • Provide seamless, timely and effective business support via a multi-skilled team, which is supported by responsive corporate systems and service providers.
  • Continuously improve systems and processes to ensure they are contemporary and meet the requirements of the business.

Our organisational structure

Organisational structure

The total number of full-time equivalents (FTE) employed in the agency at 30 June 2020 was 88.05 FTE.

Changes to the agency

During 2019–20 there were no changes to the agency’s structure and objectives as a result of internal reviews or machinery of government changes.

Our Minister

Hon Corey Wingard MP was the Minister responsible for:

  • Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services
  • Recreation, Sport and Racing

Our Executive Team

Ms Kylie Taylor - Chief Executive

Ms Taylor was the Chief Executive of the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.


Mr Tim Nicholas – Senior Manager Strategy and Investment

Mr Nicholas was the Senior Manager responsible for leading:

  • Corporate Services
  • Industry Insights – Research and Analytics
  • Funding Services

Wes Battams - Director, South Australian Sports Institute (SASI)

Mr Battams was the Director responsible for leading:

  • High Performance Sport Programs
  • Sports Sciences and Performance Analytics
  • Talent Search

Mr Aaron Bell – Director (Acting), Infrastructure, Planning and Projects#

Mr Bell was the Acting Director responsible for leading:

  • Recreation and Sport Planning
  • State Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan Project.

Ms Anthea Shem – Senior Manager, Venues and Capital Projects#

Ms Shem was the Senior Manager responsible for leading:

  • Venues Management
  • Capital Project Management.

Mr Justin Stephens – Senior Manager, Sector Capability#

Mr Stephens was the Senior Manager responsible for leading:

  • Sector Capability
  • Racing Industry Support.
# Please note that these roles have been brought into the Executive Leadership Team on an interim basis following the vacancy created in the Director, Infrastructure and Sector Capability role. 

Legislation administered by the agency

Acts committed to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing:

Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000

Recreational Greenways Act 2000

Recreation Grounds (Joint Schemes) Act 1947

Recreation Grounds Rates and Taxes Exemption Act 1981

Sports Drug Testing Act 2000

Port Pirie Racecourse Site Act 1946